10 Times Introverts Make Up Excuses For Their Introversion

Here’s a truth: Introverts make up excuses for their alone time to make it more justified. In a perfect world, they would be able to be completely honest at all times, but it may be hard for people to understand how they work. The easiest thing would be to say that they need time alone to recharge their energy, but introversion is still not a term a lot of people are familiar with. People can think they’re lazy or asocial instead. If they do know about introversion, it can easily be mistaken for shyness. Worse, introversion isn’t favored in our society, so introverts sometimes feel the need to tell little white lies about why they act certain ways rather than telling the truth.

If you are introverted, you may have used excuses in these situations yourself. If you’re not very introverted, you might have experienced these situations from another point of view. In case you’re being told an excuse and don’t fully believe it, don’t take it personally. We really like hanging out with you… just not all the time.


1. When in other people’s company for a longer amount of time

Honestly, introverts have a limit and it isn’t always easy to explain to others in a nice way. It can be trickier to get out of something on a Saturday night because saying “I’ll be busy chilling on my own” is not always a socially acceptable reason. Yet. However, they’ve probably become pretty creative with their excuses and maybe know themselves well enough to make sure they don’t book themselves up too much in advance.


2. To be sure they always have spare time for themselves

But sometimes it happens. The panic when an introvert realizes they might have fully booked themselves for the weekend and there’s no me-time in there. Absolute HORROR! The stress, the guilt to cancel on someone last minute, the thousand thoughts running through their heads when trying to change things around, the exhaustion if they can’t… Yeah, it’s basically as dramatic as it gets with an introvert. And it all happens internally.


3. When feeling bad for not having the energy to hang out with others

Introverts appreciate their loved ones, but they just need them to not be around them all the time. It can be rude to say, “I don’t want to hang out now”, so it’s easier to say something along the lines of “I have something else on, unfortunately” when really, the calendar is completely free for the next two days and three weeknights.


4. When pretending to be having a great time when in reality they just want to GO HOME ALREADY

They smile their way through an evening of socializing to make sure that when they finally leave – perhaps a little early – everyone knows it’s not personal. Yes, they had a blast while it lasted. (It is no longer lasting and their eye is twitching).


5. When coming home from work/school exhausted only to be embarked on by people they live with

They thought they were going to be able to rest their senses but NO, completely ambushed by a flatmate who wants to cook dinner together! Without wanting to hurt their feelings, they say they need to catch up on some sleep or do some more work and they stay up late doing everything but.


6. When refraining from lashing out on those said people

Their eye is twitching again. Why are people knocking on the door and texting them when they have already checked out for the day?


7. When they’ve said yes to something when they’re +90% charged and then regret it once they’ve reached below 90%

We’ve all made that mistake when we say one thing that we moments later know we won’t be able to go through with. This may happen more often for an introvert. So here they go again… Maybe the cat is looking a bit ill and needs to be watched?


8. When talking to someone but they’re actually immersed in their own inner world

Now, this is actually quite rude, but also hard to stop because it happens so naturally. It’s like having someone talking to them whilst they’re listening to the radio. Or maybe they’re close to solving a very complex issue. But alas, they need to engage in the real world too. “Sorry, I accidentally tuned into my own very loud and interesting station rather than the one of the real world” is not going to cut it most times.


9. When being told they’re quiet

They may also have brown hair or hazel eyes. ‘You have brown hair’ sounds kind of silly to say to someone one doesn’t know very well, doesn’t it? Same with being quiet. The chances are the person commenting on it is a bit uncomfortable with silence so it might be more about them than it is about the quiet person. Yet the quiet one is usually the one excusing themselves.


10. When avoiding people they know out in public

“Oh, whoops didn’t see you there” is what they say but they’re probably thinking how they just failed miserably trying to avoid the situation and what excuse they could use next to get out of it as fast as possible. Small talk is not something they pride themselves on and really just want to save everyone involved from something that can turn uncomfortable.


Recognize these situations? Share below!

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