Major in Psychology: 6 Things We Are Tired of Hearing

Majoring in psychology is in the go right now. Few years back, people would laugh at those who study psychology, but now a bachelor of psychology is considered a work force degree that employers look for. Mainly, because a degree in psychology conveys certain skill sets and personality traits that other degrees don’t.

However, despite the benefits of a psychology degree, we psych majors still get our fair share of disprovals from friends and families. Here are some of the most common things we’ve heard from both family and friends about psychology being our major.

  1. You’re going to get paid to be someone’s glorified friend?

eye roll sky ferreira

First of all, many psych majors do not intend to become counselors—this is a field known as counseling psychology. Many of us study other things, such as industrial organizational psychology (it has a strong human resources aspect) or personality psychology. We don’t all become counselors, nor do we all want to be. Counselors also receive a high level of education so they can best help anyone deal with their illness. They are not “glorified friends”. They are people with education and experience who excel in their field and can be extremely helpful to anyone with or without a mental illness.

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