Meet Dr. Diana Kirschner, psychologist and love expert

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well as we head over to the last week of October. To continue on our with interview series, I had the pleasure to get in touch with Dr. Diana Kirschner. Not only if she a psychologist, but also a love expert!  For those we are curious about love and want to know more; here are a few questions we were able to touch base on.

1) I love how you are a love mentor, I would love to take the chance to ask some personal questions and for the audience. Before we get started, how and what made you get into the field of becoming a love mentor?

I was the fifth daughter born to a family that only wanted boys.  So growing up I felt unwanted and unloved.  This sent me on a quest to learn about love and along the way I studied with many teachers and got a Masters and Ph. D. in clinical psychology.  Most importantly, I also had a Love mentor coach who truly empowered me to break free of my childhood trauma.  I was able to grow in self-love and meet and marry my soulmate.  My work is passing along that gift.

2) I watched your video on “Find your own true love” and it makes me think, us girls grew up watching Disney princesses and thinking that in reality we can find and have our own fairy tale. The truth is that it’s never smooth sailing, 

Yes, it is never smooth sailing.  Usually it is two steps forward, one step back!  The main thing is to notice if your relationship is getting better, more loving and  more uplifting over time.  And if being with this partner is helping you be your best self. This is what happens in healthy relationships.

3) You said the lucky number is 3 into finding your true love, what happens to the relationships when it’s only one? When people are still with their high school sweet heart, is the true love still the same, or without going through experience, they actually haven’t found their true love but just settled for the first one they see and not go through trial and error? 

It varies quite a bit depending on the people involved.  I suggest that singles date 3 people at the same time casually to see what you really need and want.  This usually helps you find a great match.   But some people have the luck to meet their soulmate right off the bat.

4) Here is a personal question for you, for a child that was raised up in a single parent household and not believing in marriage, is it possible to remove that trauma? I am scared of commitment because of what happened between my parents, and the trust for men is harder than the average. How does one grow and move on from that and have faith in marriage?

I had a very traumatic upbringing in an abusive alcoholic family.  I needed a Love Mentor coach to help me get over that trauma.  I suggest you get the same kind of input!  Have a free session with one of my expert love mentor coaches.  The sign up is on

If you are interested in an extend version or simply want to know more about her please let me know at

For more information about love, please visit Dr. Diana’s website at and check out his articles on

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