• 5 Ways To Get Mistaken As An Extrovert (Open list) (0 submissions)

    There you are in the heart of the crowd telling one of your funniest stories. You know that time when you mistook the tadpole on the car for a leaf and went barreling over the trashcan in an attempt to getaway. Yes, it is possible to be an introvert who functions in social situations. Here are a few other reasons why an introvert may be mistaken for an extrovert.

    Introverts Are Extraordinarily Witty.

    Standing on a stage telling jokes may not be your thing but dull you are not. Friends anxiously await your sharp, humorous remarks and strangers are surprised by your quick and timely comebacks.

    Introverts Work The Room.

    You throw awesome events but also work the room. Socializing on a regular basis may not be your thing but when planned you are a well thought out host who knows how to read the crowd.

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    The Public Speaking Introvert.

    You are pretty decent at public speaking. Shocker? Your inner voice is screaming during presentations, but your outer appearance is poised. Why do you ask? Well because you are not up there for show but to share something with the audience that they may not know making it less about you and all about them. Hence empathy.

    Introverts Can Debate Too.

    You can be a master debater…if the topic is one that you are passionate and knowledgeable about. You have the ability to articulate yourself in such a way that gets the point across. Empathy is your friend and you display it often. Thinking before you speak is a strong suit which is helpful in supporting your theories and ideas with facts not just mumble-jumble.

    Introvert Connection = Conversation.

    You can spark up a conversation with a total stranger. If the vibe is right when an introvert crosses paths with a genuine soul they can hold a meaningful and deep conversation.

    Being an introvert that's mistaken as an extrovert does not mean you are always right in the middle of the action at all times. An introvert can be social if the company is adequate and the mood is right. But don’t be confused… a night of socializing will possibly result in your favorite introvert being MIA for a season. Read more myths about introverts by following this link https://psych2go.net/10-myths-introverts/. 

    If you find these points funny, and want to see more introvert content, find us here on Youtube. 


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