Psych2Go is Looking For New Animators!

Psych2Go is always on the lookout to add new talents to our team.

Do you know how to animate in 2D? Are you someone creative and who understands how to make a compelling storytelling video? You've come to the right place!

How do you apply for the Animator role?

There are 2 ways of applying. Ultimately, we only accept applicants during designated recruitment periods. Please check our community page for details on whether or not we are currently hiring.

Option 1: Directly Email Our Recruiters for an Interview

Option 2: Fill Up The Application Form and We'll Reach out To Selected Candidates

Application Form:

Things to Know:

We are looking for candidates who are:

  • Passionate about Mental Health and/or Psychology
  • Talented at Visual Storytelling
  • Hardworking and Communicative
  • Adaptable
  • Planning to stick around!

We appreciate the time and effort taken to apply - however, due to the sheer volume of candidates, we will only be replying back to those who are chosen to move on to the next stage. If you are not selected, please try again next time with an updated portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I apply if I am under 18?

Yes, you can. 

  1. Is this a part time or full time position?

You are working as a freelancer or independent contractor on a per-project commission basis.

  1. Do I need to speak fluent English?/Do I need to be located in an English-speaking country?

Nope - our team is proudly global.

  1. Are there incentives for working for Psych2Go?

You will be making a positive impact on millions of viewers and possibly even get to see feel-good comments on your work.

Being a freelancer with a per-project contract means that you can also step down from the position whenever you would need to (although we hope you’ll be able to stay!).

Also, working from home means you get to choose your own hours! We’re very flexible and understanding with animators for life situations and personal matters that get in the way of work, so as long as things are communicated to us properly, we’ve always got your back.

  1. Do I need a portfolio?

We would highly prefer that you have one on hand - it makes the recruitment process a lot faster.

If not, we can try to find other evaluation methods. Please at least provide 1 sample of your art if you do not have a portfolio.

  1. I don’t have any experience or skill, but I’m willing to learn. Should I still apply?

You do not need previous work experience in animating. However, some degree of animation and art knowledge is still needed to fulfill the basic requirements of the role.

While we are constantly training our currently on boarded animators to keep them sharp and improving and very much willing to mentor eager applicants, complete newcomers to digital art will likely have a low chance of being accepted.

  1. Do I need my own animation software? Is there a mandatory software requirement?

We do not separately provide animators with software licenses. As such, there is no mandatory requirement - please use whatever method helps you make the most beautiful animations.

Note that as part of the process of making animations, we will be asking for intermittent WIPs. As such, make sure your workflow leaves room for being capable of rendering before the final product is finished.

  1. Can I apply and remain anonymous/use an alias?

If you make videos for us, you will be credited with whatever you prefer being called, including any possible username or alias.

However, due to legal reasons, you must provide your legal name and other identifying information to us before taking on a paid project. This information will never be made public or shared with anyone outside of Psych2Go management.

  1. Did you receive my application?

If you have submitted it to one of the above channels, then yes. If you have not received a response back yet, it is likely that we have passed on your application for this recruitment cycle. 

  1. If I am selected, what can I expect from the process?

Typically the entire process of recruitment takes around 3 weeks or so.

If you are selected, you will get to work with us on a trial project (fully paid!) where you can see how much we fit your professional needs. This entails a system where you will be consistently communicating with a recruiter and offering WIP videos for feedback so that your work can be featured on our channel. If all goes well, that will be your first of many videos that will come to comprise Psych2Go’s body of work!

STAGE 1: We will screen all applicants based on the answers to the application form.
STAGE 2: Sample animation will be assigned (non-paid).
STAGE 3: Trial animation will be assigned (paid).

  1. Who do I email if I have questions about the role?

This 4-Doors Personality Test Will Reveal Your Subconscious Thoughts!

Psych2Go invites you to answer the question and follow the instructions. Mark answers in a piece of paper and then see the interpretation. You will be impressed with the results!


First, take out a piece of paper.

You enter a room and see 4 doors around you: a white, a black, a blue and a pink.

  1. In what order will you open the doors?
  2. what will you see behind them?

 Write your answer down on a paper or in your phone or computer before you see the analysis and interpretation to get a more accurate result. Don't cheat 🙂

If you are ready, go to the next page to see the results!

6 Common Traits of a Likeable Person

There’s a reason why we are naturally drawn to some people over others. Is it their contagious smile, approachable nature, or endless optimism that puts us under their spell? Perhaps it’s all of the above! Being a likeable person has many benefits because it helps them get far in life along with filling the world with their exuberance. Want to know the secrets to being liked by many? Psych2Go shares with you 6 traits of a likeable person:


1. They keep their promises and do what they say they will do.

A likeable person doesn’t dish out what they can’t give back. They are always concerned about doing what is morally right. This is what makes them a dependable person. People often admire them because they also have a great work ethic and ensure to fulfill the tasks and duties they said they will complete. They are honest and authentic about their intentions and never leave you hanging or worrying about their next move. Their considerate nature helps them build secure relationships with others. This is what makes them such popular individuals!


2. They offer you support and provide constructive feedback instead of criticizing.

Likeable people encourage you to go after your dreams and nurture your visions and ideas, rather than talking you out of them. They don’t project their beliefs onto you and tell you “the right way” to live your life. Instead, they offer you support and guidance and actively lend a listening ear. They withhold judgment until you’ve fully expressed yourself and see things from your perspective before providing suggestions and advice. Their strong ability to empathize influences them to listen to understand you, not to react and make you feel defensive or threatened. They also exercise polite manners by giving you your full attention and don’t interrupt when you speak. Ultimately, it’s their kindness and altruistic spirit that often draws others to them.


3. They take responsibility for all of their actions.

It’s easy to talk about your success stories, but what about your downfalls? Likeable people understand the importance of taking full responsibility for all of their actions. This includes the failures and struggles that they go through. They don’t like to pretend as though their lives are filled with only rainbows and butterflies. Instead, they’re honest and earnest about the ways they strive to do better in the future. Likeable people don’t hesitate to apologize when they feel as though they’ve done something wrong and own up to their mistakes.


4. They give out compliments and know how to accept them as well.

A likeable person doesn’t give out special comments just to please others. Instead, they come from their heart. Other people can see this and they are often moved by the compliments they give out. Likeable individuals see the best in others and prefer to focus on the positive aspects of life. They also know how to accept compliments in return and don’t put themselves down. As natural humanitarians, they believe in self-love and encourage others to practice it, too.


5. They are great conversationalists.

Likeable people aren’t afraid to reach out and start a conversation with you. But instead of using small talk, they delve into more thought-provoking topics and ask you open-ended questions, rather than dead-end ones that ultimately lead to one-word answers. They can be wise and insightful when they share their own stories and experiences with you and encourage you to do the same. They don’t talk just for entertainment purposes; instead, they enjoy getting to know others on a deeper level. Overall, likeable people prefer to have meaningful connections with others and don’t settle for superficiality.


6. They can laugh at themselves and don’t take everything seriously.

It’s refreshing being able to laugh over matters, rather than living a rigid, sullen life. Likeable individuals understand how healthy it is to joke every once in a while and don’t sweat the small stuff. They have the ability to focus on the big picture and encourage others to do the same. As a result, likeable people are often resilient and make an effort to celebrate victories in life, big or small. This makes them fun and inspiring individuals to be around!

How do you become a more likeable person? Psych2Go would love to hear your thoughts! Please be sure to leave a comment down below!


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Thomas, A. (2016, August 4). 39 Behaviors of the Most Likable People. Inc. Retrieved January 30, 2018.

West, E. (2017, December 13). 7 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently. Lifehack. Retrieved January 30, 2018.

What Word Did You See First? This Fact Can Reveal Much About Your Inner Truth

We at Psych2Go just love quizzes and tests that you can do without spending too much time on. That’s why we put together the following one, which is short yet highly revealing.

All you need to do is take a quick look at the following image. The first word that your eyes find describes who you are and also what worries you at the present moment.

What word did you see? Go to the next page to see what it says about you!


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