Illustrating for Psych2GO’s IG page FAQ

If you are an illustrator and were invited to help create illustrations for our IG page: Psych2Go_tips, where we further promote our video content in the form of illustrations, or comics, here are the FAQ's:

  1. Should I based the illustrations on existing videos or future videos?

A: They should be based on the more recent videos that way people can stay up to date with our most updated and recent content. Let's keep things fresh for our community.

2. Do I choose the video to illustrate my comic/graphic on or does a staff member assign me?

A: You get to choose, but please avoid ones that have already been completed or is being worked on by someone else. To find out if someone else is working on the same illustration topic, you can review the IG page to see what's posted recently. If you don't see your topic posted, it means the topic is available.

3) If I am basing my art on your videos, am I required to copy the art style the animator used or can I apply my own?

You can apply your own! But keep the theme or style consistent with the other posts or styles please. If you are unsure, you can always submit one first and we will take a look.

4) Is there a. certain style/color pallette that I should follow?

A: Relating to question 3, you are free to try your own pallette, but do check these past ones for reference:

6) When do you need them by?

Animation generally takes 2 weeks to complete. Since it's just a static illustration, we hope that you can finish 1 every two days. Do you think you can do it?

What helped previous illustrator save time was they just screen shot or take parts of the videos and add it to the illustration by copy and paste.

7) How frequently do I have to submit artwork?

If we can aim for 3-4 posts a week, that would be a big accomplishment. Since we do publish 7-10 videos a week, you should have more than enough videos to choose from. Unless, we hire too many illustrators ... and you don't get a project.

8) When can I start?

You can start right away and submit your first post. The dimensions for IG posts are. "For instance, an ideal aspect ration for square photos is 1:1, and for vertical photos — 4:5. "

More details here:

9) How do I get paid?

Every two weeks, you will submit into our google form to collect your payment based on what's agreed with your manager. Paid are through Paypal. You should be able to create one if you're over 18. But if not, you can always use your parent's paypal and let them collect your money.

Any questions? Email

Additional Questions:

  1. How soon will I receive a terms and conditions document to review? 

Just like our YouTube animated videos, you are free to post the video elsewhere too, since we're all about creating win win situations for everyone. There's no point in us restricting what you can do with your own work.

  1. Is the pay per post/project? 

It is paid per post.

3. Can I do this position with other roles in psych2go like script writing or animating?

Yes, that would be ideal. The more positions you are involved with us, the more likely you will be part of our core team members.

4. Will I be able to use my work for personal art portfolios and collections?

Yes, the point of working together with psych2go is so that you can also build up your own portfolio and references for future job opportunities. And since psych2go is so popular, showing your work on psych2go will definitely impress your future employers.

5. Is the artist credited along with each post? 

Yes, you just have to let us know your IG handle so we can tag you with something like @yourIG handle name.

6. Is this role considered part-time or full-time?

It's considered freelancing meaning that you are your own boss. You decide the hours and time you put in and if you do a good job, you get rewarded with more projects. Yoru rate is also negotiable too after 3 months working for us. That can be discussed with whoever is managing you.

Subtle Signs Someone Is Being Bullied

Bullying comes in all forms and ways, there's no right or wrong, even
amazing qualities could be used as a ploy to make you feel inferior.
Bullies don't have a criteria when it comes to people’s self worth, they
have a constant need to put others down. So it doesn't matter what you
do, who you are, where you come from, what you say or have. It will
never be your fault and there’s nothing you can change in yourself in
order to be good enough for them, their standards are unachievable.
Signs of abuse can be noticeable even in the early stages of oppression,
so carry on if you want to know what they are.



While facing difficulties with bullies a person who has their emotional,
physical or mental integrity put in risk will commonly begin to isolate
themselves from other people like spending more time alone in their
room, not hanging out with their friends or simply having lunch on their
own. It works like a self defense mechanism, an attempt to prevent any
kind of social embarrassment from happening.


Low Self Esteem
Dealing with a bully can make you self doubt yourself frequently, guiding
you to thinking that you are who they are trying to paint you as.
Afterwards comes low self esteem and the belief that in fact, you
deserve what's being served to you as it's OK being hated on because
you aren't worthy of anything rather than repugnance.


In frightening circumstances like having to be around the person who is
your oppressor, as human beings it is easy to feel trapped and like you
need to escape from that moment. Although when it’s not possible some
behaviors can indicate it.

They are: looking down or giving blank stares, a shaky body or trembling
voice, slightly raised eyebrows, half open mouth, bad posture (slouchy
body language provenient from muscle tension) and a tout brow.


Personality Or Look Change
In a desperate attempt of pleasing their intimidator they oftentimes
change the way they present themselves to the world. In order to
somehow get a little respect or bond with their bully, which results in
instant frustration considering that it doesn’t matter how hard they try it
will never be enough in their oppressor eyes.


It’s never easy having your worth as an individual neglected and
ridiculed, consequently victims of bullying will react in several
contrasting ways, one specially is anger! They can become more
aggressive in their tone or actions without having a coherent reason to do
it so, as if even simple daily tasks were irritating and would put them in a
bad mood.


Self Harm
Not everyone has the ability to express themselves clearly or just aren't
in an environment where they feel they can open up and talk about their
problems safely, forcing them to hide and suppress their feelings as some
sort of emotional boundary.
The point is that as they don’t have an escape valve for everything they
keep on the inside it usually tends to come out as a mental breakdown,
which sometimes can lead to a physical breakdown that not only can
end up with them cutting an specific part of their body but also refusing
to eat their favorite meal for example or not going to that place they’ve
always loved so much.
It’s important for us to keep in mind that not every self harm is physical
and/or visible and that not all of them happen for the same reasons.


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