Mental Health Tips: 7 Ways To Feel Safe at Home

It is common to feel anxious when you are in an unfamiliar situation. But it is a different story when you feel anxious even at home.

For one, it takes away our chance of knowing the concept of safety. After all, our home is meant to be our haven. Thus, an unsafe home makes it challenging to thrive, let alone survive.

Here’s the thing: Being safe means we do not need to beat ourselves up and feel that all the good things in life will vanish. It is like waking up in the morning, knowing that you deserve to enjoy the shelter you made for yourself.

If you want to ease your anxiety, the key here is to secure your home. And here are five ways to do that:

1. Know Your Neighbors

Whether you live alone or with your family, it is best to get to know your neighbors. Being friends with your neighbor ensures that someone’s looking out for you and your house. Moreso, when you are away.

Befriending your neighbors can be as simple as waving good morning to them. You can also opt to cook your specialty and share it with your neighbor. That way, you can introduce yourself with ease.

If you have space, you can host a barbecue party. You would be surprised at how food can bring people together.

2. Turn On Some Lights

For some, fear of the dark can be childish. But we understand that nyctophobia is a serious thing. Add to that the fact that burglars use lights as an indicator if they can break in or night.

That said, we advise that you keep some of the lights on if that can make you feel less vulnerable. Your bedside lamp can be one of them.

You can also turn on your outdoor lights the entire evening. This can help ease your anxiety and deter burglars, as they do not like being noticed.

But remember to use energy-efficient lights. That way, your electric bill will not skyrocket.

3. Reinforce Your Doors

Aside from the lights, your door is also integral in securing your home. After all, this is your house’s primary entry and exit point.

That said, here are various ways you can reinforce your doors:

  • Choose the Right Materials: The material you use for your doors is crucial in securing your home. Look for a door with a solid core so that it is less likely to break down by force.
  • Strengthen the Door Jamb and Frame: The door jamb and frame carry the door’s weight. Thus, a well-placed jamb prevents the door from falling after a strong kick.
  • Use the Right Locks: Your door might be made of strong and solid wood. But it does not matter if you are using a sub-par lock that is easy to bypass.
  • Upgrade Your Strike Plate: A robot strike plate add resistance against break-ins and burglaries.
  • Secure the Hinges: Use safety studs, corrugated pins, or set screws to secure the hinges as it is what connect’s the door to the jamb. 

4. Keep Your Windows Locked

Another entry and exit points that burglars can take advantage of is your window. Hence, you must keep it locked when no one is in the room.

Here’s how you can make your window burglar-proof:

  • Use High-quality Window Locks: During Spring, it is typical to open the windows to let the fresh air in. But that does not mean that you should keep that way. Instead, close your windows and use high-quality locks to secure it when no one is in the room.
  • Use a Window Film: A window film helps regulate internal temperature and prevents your window from shattering. This means that a burglar will make an awful lot of noise to break in through your window.
  • Install Window Bars: Windows bars are an old-school but a proven tactic to secure your windows. It is also an excellent burglary deterrent. The best part? You can open your window without compromising your safety.
  • Install Window Alarms: There are various window alarms that you can install. Some come with motion detectors, so you will know when someone’s scouting your house. Some send you an alarm in case someone broke in through the window.

5. Invest in a Security System

Nothing beats that peace of mind that a secured home can give. If you want to achieve that serenity, we suggest that you invest in a security system.

There are home security systems that notify you of forced entry. Some allow you to keep an eye on your house while you are away.

You can also opt for a home security system that sends police alert when someone breaks into your home.

Regardless of what you install, it would be ideal to personalize your security system. One way to do that is to update your code so that you and your family are the only people who know it.

Your service provider can teach you how to do that, or you can check the manual. If not, you can rely on Google and type in something like “Honeywell Alarm change code” for a quick online tutorial.

You deserve to feel and be safe when you are at home. Hence, securing it is the key to saying goodbye to the uneasiness that the outside world brings you.

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