Mental Illness Recovery Series: Story # 61

This is the 61st story of the mental illness recovery series. GDN is a strong young lady, who does not allow her mental illnesses take control of her life. This is her story:

Photo from: GDN
Photo from: GDN

GDN is from Texas and she lives and breathes theatre. She said, “I would be nothing without it.” Her goal 5 years from now is to prepare and be on Broadway. GDN is not old enough to be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) just yet, but it’s been suggested. She struggles with anorexia, depression and anxiety. She has no idea what caused her disorders. GDN said, “I had a great life and I don’t know what caused me to struggle so much.” She has been in therapy since she was 9 years old. GDN was forced to attend a residential treatment program and a wilderness therapy program, for her own good.

Her anxiety makes her feel physically sick. She said, “I felt unable to control myself or my actions.” Her symptoms took control of her life. GDN became angry, self-destructive and impulsive. She attempted to self-harm when she was 12, but it wasn’t for her so she stopped. Thankfully her relationships with others was not affected. GDN said, “My friends at the time and I bonded over our mental illness.” Her friends helped her realize that she is great and worthy of love.

The turning point for her was when she was sent against her own will to two different treatment facilities. She said, “They helped me become the real me again, the people there are so amazing.” The lesson GDN learned from this ordeal is to love herself and that nothing is ever bad as it seems. She said, “Everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay it’s not the end yet.” GDN appreciates everything more now, she is eating healthy and exercising.

Recovery is a never ending battle for her, and she just keeps taking steps forward. This is her advice for everyone suffering from mental illness:

“Get the help you know you need. It’s hard and it sucks but in the end you’ll be so grateful you did.  And above all, love yourself and put yourself before other people.”

“For other anorexics–one day of bad eating is not gonna ruin your life. Trust your body. It knows what to do, it’s smart.”

She would also like to share:

“Live by the phrase “keep going, keep growing” it gets me through every day. That and 2 Chronicles 20:15, but I know not everyone believes in God.”

It’s great that GDN got the help she needed to move forward with a healthy body and mind. Help me make a difference by sharing your story. If you or anyone you know are struggling with mental Illness feel free to join the Mental Illness Recovery Series Facebook Group, to find support.

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