Mental Illnesses and Healing

Mental illnesses are powerful,and the capacity to which they could potentially take over someone’s thoughts and daily workings is and has been an unwaivering enormity,it thus begs the question what can we do to alleviate some of the pain? How can we if only for a while be able to make it manageable?

1) Recognize your Triggers.

In the fiesty sermons and unfiltered discourse regarding mental illness,what we often fail to acknowledge is the importance of triggers.I prefer to take the longer route to class,never go through a certain corridor,never listen to a certain album because in some proximity I associate it to a trauma that I’ve tried hard to tame,and while some of the triggers might serve as a direct link,others may just be a situational presence that begins to be thought of in correlation to some sort of anguish.

2) Healing is never linear.

Healing is unparalleled in it’s arbitrariness.It exists as a multitangential path that often remodels it’s course in unprecedented ways.Healing is never a one size fits all phenomenon,it manifests itself in the simplest and the most convulated of forms,from it being rooted in the sole ability to do the dishes in your sink to being able to open up to a friend or a therapist.

3) Toxicity is always a step back.

While it may be a toxic relationship or friendship that could drag down any progress made, it’s important to remember to introspect yourself,and to subject your actions to evaluation.While external sources of Toxicity are arguably some of the worst situations to find yourself in, mental illness in any proximity should not function as a defense nor fabrication for any toxic behavior aimed at someone else.

4)Locate your safe spaces

In the midst of an overwhelming episode that exemplifies the toll your illness takes in you, it’s important to find or a build a safe space.It could be in one corner of your room or a playlist on your iPod,a particular movie,some restaurant.Safe spaces are an incredibly power wielding tool to help cope with your illness,they provide a location that you associate with a positive reinforcement,not only does it elevate a spiraling thought line,but provides to some measure a reassurance of you having overcome similar time periods.

5) Acknowledge your thoughts

One of the things I did to coherently deal with an overwhelmingly paralysing thought process was to find a way to confront it and to develop ways in which I could combat it. It’s is necessary and incredibly important to address what causes any kind of pain or discomfort of any kind but it is always a choice as to when to do it.It’s always a valid option to acknowledge the existence of a predominant feeling but to choose to confront it later on,or to deal with it by asking for help.

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