How Much Of Social Introvert Are You?

Do you really like people, or do you secretly hate them?

We know what you’re thinking… “Social” and “introvert” in the same title? It’s true! Just because you’re a self-identified introvert doesn’t mean you have to hate people. Social introverts are a valuable type of introvert, according to the new model of introversion that’s been developed recently. In this model, introversion is broken down into four types: Social, thinking, anxious, and restrained. While the language might change, the essences of these four are the same. They tell you what kind of introvert you are, which is useful when you’re trying to figure out if you actually want to go to that party. Go ahead: Six questions and you’ll know if you should make those dinner plans, or spend your night reading at home.

Read the statements and pick whether you agree, disagree, or feel neutrally about them.

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