8 Nifty Netflix Recommendations for Psychology Lovers

We know we have a lot of students among our audience, and of course you are working on your studies very much, but you also need some downtime, right? What do we do during our breaks? A lot of us will watch something on Netflix, which of course has a lot of series and films to offer on an insane number of topics. But apart from our favourite chick-flicks, cartoons and drama, Netflix also has a pretty interesting selection of psychology related things to choose from. Let us tell you about some of them…

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  1. I am a Killer

This might be something you wouldn’t have thought of as a first pick, but psychologically, this is a very interesting topic. In I am a Killer, criminals who have received the death penalty relay the events for which they have been convicted from their own perspective. Speaking from death row, these criminals give you very different side to the stories you hear about on the news. Along with the stories, the events are re-enacted without being too graphic. Do these killers feel guilty? Some do, but not all respond in a way you might want to see (with remorse).

Some come across as (surprisingly?) regular people, while others seem closer to the “stereotypical” image you may have of a murderer. Thish can make the series unsettling at times, but also turns it into a very compelling watch. I am a Killer doesn’t veer either way of the judgement, you’re left to make up your own mind about what has happened. How guilty do you think they are? It’s a well thought-out series, and definitely interesting for anyone interested in psychology. Especially for fans of criminology, forensic psychology and social psychology; this is a good one.

  1. Mindhunter

This one is topically related to I am a Killer, but is set in the late 1970s. As you may know, compared all the big fields of science – chemistry, physics, biology etc. – psychology is quite young. During the time the series is set criminal psychology and profiling were just about starting to gain serious interest. The premise of the series revolves around FBI agents and a psychologist from the FBI’s behavioural science unit who interview serial killers in the hopes of gaining insight as to why these people turned out this way. They hope to be able to apply this knowledge to solving future cases.

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  1. Innsaei

Okay before we get into this , the approximate way to pronounce this Icelandic word is ‘inn-sigh-ei’ (apparently). Are there any Icelandic speakers who can verify? Innsaei is an Icelandic concept that allows people to connect through empathy and intuition. This is a documentary in which creative people and loads of others from different walks of life go on a journey to learn more about connecting with others and finding peace amongst the stress of a hectic modern lifestyle.

  1. Take Your Pills

This is also a documentary. As opposed to Inssaei, Take Your Pills focuses on use of Adderall. Under the pressure of modern culture and a stressful lifestyle more people take drugs or supplements to get by. What are their reasons for using them? Do they think it works, and is it worth the costs and the possible risks. People discuss how and why they use it, and what side-effects they have experienced, and what possible dangers can lie in sometimes innocent looking supplements to that enhance your performance.

  1. Afflicted

In Afflicted people with mysterious and unusual symptoms for which there is not a clear diagnosis. It kind of relates to stigmas people with mental health face sometimes; disbelief, playing down people’s suffering. In this series, people look for an explanation for what is happening to them, and ultimately, a possible cure.

  1. Sense8

The premise of Sense8 is as follows: 8 people who have never seen each other and live spread out across the globe, get the same vision. From that moment on these ‘sensates’ can occasionally see, hear, feel and smell each other – and even talk to each other. In this way they can help the others out in difficult situations, as all of them have particular skills and talents.

  1. True detective

IMDB describes the series as  ‘seasonal anthology series in which police investigations unearth the personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within and outside the law’. It’s often described as a dark, brooding and brilliant detective drama, with an interest in the minds of all those involved in the crime. It switches between present times and flashbacks, and has garnered a lot of praise not only for its storylines, but also for the dramatic and thoughtful way it is shot.

  1. Hannibal

Mads Mikkelsen plays the character very compellingly, gaining a mass following for his portraya of the brilliant psychiatrist/murderer. Some may find it disturbing – who could say that a corpse being turned into a cello, and it’s vocal chords being played like the strings isn’t a bit… troubling – but the series is more than that. For those with an interest in psychology it provides a lot of food (haha, get it) for thought. How do people turn out the way they do? What makes a murderer a murderer?

These were some Netflix recommendations for psychology lovers, which ones will you be watching? Which ones have you already seen and what did you think of them? Let us know in the comments below.

What else would you like to see on psych2go? Suggestions are always welcome!


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  1. Amazing recommendations. Not a fan of documentaries or anything of the sort. I’ve watched Mind Hunter which is freaking crazy. I’ve always strayed away from Hannibal the human eating part kinda scares me.

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