No friends – 12 Ways to Get by Without Them

no friends

Having friends is essential! They are not only there to have fun with you, but they can help you get by the bad times. Having a trustful, loyal, fun, and caring friend can make a difference in your world. But there are times in your life where you don’t have any. It could be for various reasons, such as, going to a new school or moving to a different country. The important thing here is to remind yourself. In time you will make friends. While you do, here are some things you can implement in your life to feel less lonely:

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    Don’t judge yourself – Do not compare yourself to others. Being friendless can make you think you aren’t cool enough and worthless. Just because other people have loads of friends. Doesn’t mean you are weird or anything.

  2. Take yourself out on a date: Simply because you don’t have any friends. Doesn’t mean you need to stay home all day. Go out to different places, such as, the movies, a restaurant, a museum, at a concert, you can even go hiking. The trick is to find a place you can enjoy yourself.
  3. Don’t take it personal: Friends come and go into your life for many reasons. Some come to help you overcome a situation, others teach you lessons and sometimes your life path ends up being different from theirs. Thank them for the good times and move on.
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    Pick up a new hobby: We all have activities we enjoy, but try to do something new. It can be anything your curious about. Like, picking up a new instrument or joining a yoga class. The trick here is to join a club or classes in an area you’d like to meet people.

  5. Sing and dance: You don’t need to know how to. Simply blast some of your favorite songs and express yourself. If you are shy like me, then do it when you are home alone. This is a fun way to spend time by yourself.
  6. Talk to people you casually meet: While you are running errands or getting something to eat. You can always talk to those around you. It can be at the checkout lane at the grocery store or the person seating next to you at the coffee shop. It will surprise you how nice and welcoming people can be.
  7. Work towards a better you: Use your time wisely when you are alone. Work on improving aspects of yourself you’d like to change. It can be losing weight or learning a new subject. Anything that is genuine and directed towards a better you. Not only will you grow as a person, but this will keep your mind distracted.
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    Take a trip: This can seem scary. Especially, when traveling alone, but this experience will leave you feeling rewarded. Not only that, but you will meet amazing people along the way. Try staying at an interactive hostel. Where people from all around the world meet and have fun.

  9. Volunteer: Volunteering will improve your mood drastically and you will meet interesting people. This will help you feel less alone and more in tune with others. Helping people who can’t give anything in return will nourish your heart and soul. Leaving you feeling less lonely.
  10. Spend time with your pet or adopt one: Pets are loyal, caring and fun to be around with. They are great companions. Making you feel less lonely by accompanying you wherever you take them. Pets won’t ever let you down.
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    Read a good book: Books can transport you to another world. It will distract your mind. So, immerse yourself in the plot and characters. It’s an excellent way to spend time by yourself.

  12. Watch an entertaining movie: Movies can divert your attention from your loneliness and it will entertain you. A good movie will spike your imagination and creativity. The trick here is to watch uplifting movies.

If you don’t have any friends, it’s okay! It’s also normal to feel lonely every now and then. After all, we are human and not perfect. Remind yourself each day that spending time by yourself is beneficial in many ways. Distract yourself with the suggestion on the list above and before you know it. You will have made great friends.

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