Is Everyone Succeeding But You?

“How come you’re still working at the grocery store?”  

“Didn’t you just graduate?”

“You need a better job.”

That’s all you’ve been hearing lately from everyone you know. You see all your friends getting jobs in their chosen career fields, but you’re still stuck working at a grocery store. It makes you feel upset and maybe even mad that you haven’t even reached the level your friends and family are at. There is going to be a moment in your life that you will feel like you aren’t good enough. You’re thinking to yourself “I won’t get anywhere at this rate.” That’s not true at all. Some of us take longer because of financial reasons, problems with the family and possible mental problems.

Just because it’s taking you a little longer than others around you shouldn’t stop you from succeeding. If you have the patience and confidence for it, then you won’t have a problem. Some of the smartest people didn’t even go to college or they dropped out. But they still succeeded in life. Take Bill Gates for example. He went to Harvard, but later dropped out to pursue Microsoft. He was named the richest man in the world. For all you know, you could be the next Bill Gates.

Currently I’m in this situation where all my friends just graduated from college and are pursuing their dream jobs. I, however, am still going to college while working at a grocery store. At first, I felt upset because I haven’t succeeded yet. I had break downs, I went days without talking to anyone, and I couldn’t even sleep some nights. I would see myself in the future, still working at the grocery store while everyone else was succeeding. The only thing in that moment that was keeping me sane was my music and writing in my journal.

Articles of other people in the same position as I was started to appear online. When I read those articles it made me feel better about my situation. I realized that I was succeeding, but at a different rate than my friends and family were. My anxiety had dissipated and I knew that everything would be okay. Right now, there are plenty of people who graduated from college and don’t have their dream jobs. And they’re experiencing their own fears and depression. It’s okay to feel this way. But don’t let it consume you.  

No matter where you are in life at this moment, you will land that dream job and succeed. There are going to be difficulties on your journey, but that should not stop you if you really want it. Don’t ever give up no matter how hard it gets. You will push through and make it. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself. You have friends and family who believe in you. They’ve got your back and will always be there for you.


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  1. I just wonder, what do you do when you have no one left? Your family never was really there for you and neither were your friends… in your hardest moments (car accident, poor, no food on the table and no job, no place to stay, ect…), your friends and family have let you down and alone and you’re coming back up slowly but surely from those obstacles but you have no support or nothing and think to yourself ‘is this how my life will always be?’ Do I have to create my own family in order to have a sense of anything at all? I’m so lost I don’t know what to do or think… I’m only 20 and I have lost hope I think I’m still working hard to be happy

  2. You don’t have to create a family to help you succeed in life. If you believe in yourself and push yourself through then will accomplish in life. Only you can make yourself happy and shouldn’t let others bring you down. Being happy doesn’t take one day, it’s going to take time. Start doing things that you love (reading, walking, etc) everyday you will feel better.

  3. What if there are people who look down to you? I had a boyfriend who never believed in my dreams, always said negative about my career choices, friends and my talents too. Sometimes I broke down as I thought he might be the one who could have lifted me up but he never did. My parents support but not that openly and not wholistcally too, what can I do to throw my negativity??????

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