How to Optimize Your Living Environment for Happiness and Relaxation

Many people today are having a hard time finding peace, happiness and balance. While the world is truly more hectic than ever, your home might also be to blame for your stress levels. Your home has a huge effect on your feelings from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. From your mood to your stability to your perception of the world, your humble abode can set the tone for many of the feelings that lead to a happy or unhappy life. Luckily, there are ways you can optimize your house for happiness and relaxation.

Declutter your home

Clutter is one of the main enemies of happiness and relaxation. According to research, stuff everywhere around your home can lead to poor mental health and less efficient thinking processes. Also, the more things you have around you, the harder it is to focus which contributes to stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.

So, try to imitate the very popular minimalist design and declutter your home in order to simplify your space. And don’t stress about clearing everything out at once. You can tackle a small part of your home each day to keep the momentum going.

Choose the right colors

Some colors have the ability to make you feel calm and relaxed, some can provide you with a shot of energy while others can drag you down and make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. So, make sure to ditch the last ones and keep those that make you feel happy. For instance, paint your bedrooms with soothing neutrals to encourage better sleep but cover your home office with vibrant hues that will energize you. While there are some rules about the Psychology of Colors, the effect they have on people is mostly subjective. So, examine your feelings before you start repainting your space.

Welcome plants

Nature is a powerful mood-boosting tool that you can easily enlist in your home décor arsenal. Greenery has many tricks which can improve your mood and inspire you to walk the path of happiness. Plants have a calming effect on the brain and can boost concentration, so feel free to include them into your home’s aesthetics. And don’t worry if you have a black thumb. There are types that require minimal care, just a bit of water, some sun and they will thrive (pretty much like people).

Don’t neglect your landscaping

While we’re on the subject of plants, make sure not to completely neglect your outdoor spaces. Wonderful curb appeal and neatly maintained landscaping will not only make your home more welcoming and practical, but they will also boost the feelings of joy and pride. This way, if you ever happen to get unexpected guests, you will welcome them with a smile on your face instead of shame. So, make sure to cut your lawn, tend to your plants and mend your driveway. Some cracks in the pavement can be fixed, but if you notice too much damage, it’s best to just redo it. Luckily, with all the beautiful decorative concrete options you have today, you’ll achieve an impressive look that will definitely make you proud of your home. Plus, you won’t be scared to walk on your driveway at night anymore now that you’ve eliminated the risk of trips and twisted ankles!

Boost natural light

While natural light will definitely allow you to take better selfies and enjoy your reading, it can also boost your happiness levels. Sunlight peeking through your windows boosts serotonin and your vitamin D levels—your main fighters in the battle with depression. So, replace your heavy curtains with something light and airy and remove bulky furniture from your windows.

Try aromatherapy

Scents that we smell are directly linked to a center in the brain that’s responsible for emotions, causing you to relive certain memories and experiences. Certain smells also stimulate calming feeling and happy mood states. For instance, lavender has a calming effect on many people, the scent of freshly cut grass sparks joy while citrus re-energizes people. Find a smell that you enjoy and shower your home with it to start and end your day on the high note.

Put up lovely art

Art has the ability to evoke some powerful emotions. Art that you find attractive can stimulate the feelings of joy on a very deep, even cellular level, so surprise your every wall with a piece of art. You can also display photographs of your loved ones and your dearest friends or your happy memories. Experiences and relationships usually have joyful connotations, so make sure to call these positive emotions to mind whenever you take a look at your walls.

In order to awaken the feelings of happiness and relaxation, you must design your home in a way that will support those emotions and provide them with a fertile place to blossom. Luckily, all of these tips are easy to pull off and cheap to achieve, so feel free to redecorate your space today and wake up surrounded by happiness tomorrow.

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