A Pleasant Trip in Paris


And the journey continues! France is apparently the most overrated place in Europe but I really enjoyed it.

20150612_100248  20150612_100241

Day 8:

It was a cool morning. The place we were staying at was close to the Arc de Triomphe so we ventured inside and were given an amazing view of Paris. It made the Eiffel Tower look tiny.

20150609_095243 20150609_09552820150609_043024 20150609_04325320150609_044149

The way up had a lot more stairs than I thought but the view was amazing. We did some more walking and visited Notre Dame and the Saint Chapelle. Both were very elaborate churches done in Gothic style.

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On the way back to the hotel we stopped for ice cream, and after eating the food from the vendors we went to the infamous Ladureé; the house of macarons.

20150609_063701  20150609_143727  20150611_154943 20150609_04392120150609_070100 20150609_09004720150609_071645 20150609_143621

Day 9:

This day was a trip to the Palace of Versailles. We had a quick breakfast then walked to the train station. The palace was very detailed, with marble columns and paintings everywhere; even on the ceiling. We also walked through the massive gardens and found the Hameau de la Reine or Marie Antoinette’s hamlet. She was given the very cute retreat, a smaller, simpler version of Versailles with fewer murals. She had expensive taste in designs. It’s amazing how the royal family had all of this, especially their own canal.

20150610_035154 20150610_040320 20150610_035343 20150610_05110320150610_040638 20150610_035602 20150610_045529 20150610_040113 20150610_060829 20150610_061209 20150610_061341 20150610_06194220150610_061907

20150610_034938 20150610_04175820150610_050224 20150610_052047  20150610_035707 20150610_04055420150610_054353 20150610_060858 20150610_060910 20150610_06094820150610_061803 20150610_06594020150610_070029

After lunch I fell asleep on the train as we headed back to our flat. We finished up leftover cheese and ham for our sandwiches with salad and raspberry juice, then ascended the arc again for a view of Paris by night. The lights and the view were pretty, but I was hoping the Eiffel tower would sparkle as it does in the movies.

20150610_162519 20150610_161433

Day 10:

The day started with crackers then we jumped on the metro to explore the Louvre.


It was very crowded! All those people taking pictures of the tiny Mona Lisa were ruthless; so if you want a picture, you better be ready to be aggressive and assertive. People push, rest their arms on your shoulder to steady their phones, or use your head as a tripod. Be careful and good luck. The crowds will also test your patience. If you want a good picture of the whole painting you need to wait for families, selfies, and school tour groups to pass. I don’t mean to say that I didn’t enjoy it, just be warned. There were a few more works we saw besides the Mona Lisa like the Cycladic sculptures, the Winged Victory of Samothrace or Nike of Samothrace scuplture, Oath of the Horatii, Liberty Leading the People, and the Seated statue of Gudea.

20150611_045453  20150611_054411  20150611_054318  20150611_05054120150611_054709  20150611_054953  20150611_055940  20150611_06200220150611_081853

Day 11:

Another day, another museum…this time we went to the l’Orangerie and the Musée d’Orsay.20150612_050950  20150612_051147

20150612_051847  20150612_065833

At the l’Orangerie and saw Monet’s water lilies as well as other works. The cool colors and fewer tourists made it a much much peaceful environment than the Louvre.

20150612_053028  20150612_053748

L’Orangerie also features works of other artists such as these mini art gallery rooms and buildings from Maurice Urtrillo’s white period.

20150612_055542  20150612_060732

Next was the Musée d’Orsay, the museum housed in what used to be a train station. I features mostly impressionist artists such Degas and Van Gogh, and we saw some of the most famous works such as The Gleamers, Luncheon on the Grass, and Two Young Girls at the Piano. There was also a scale model of the opera house.

20150612_045236  20150612_075850

20150612_072749  20150612_082631  20150612_083506  20150612_083659  20150612_083729  20150612_091552

20150612_072528  20150612_085331_HDR


Day 12:

The final day started with a trip to the Galleries of Lafayette. This place was the most fancy and most expensive mall I’ve ever been too. They have every expensive brands there and the top floor offers a lovely view of Paris.

20150613_061027  20150613_061044  20150611_08155920150613_055302

Before our long ride to the airport we visited the market to buy lunch. The airport is huge and filled with gift shops. Our plane was very crowded and full of a little bit of everyone from everywhere. Some were French on their way to visit the United States, but most were just Americans going home.

20150611_150706  20150611_160020

Hopefully I’ll be able to travel to Europe again one day because this trip was a lot of fun!

Coming soon: food journal & travel tips


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