Some Progress Weekly Update 2

Hey everyone who’s keenly keeping up with the work of Psych2Go.

It’s been almost a week and it’s nice to see the site running without any technical problems anymore.  Layout, designs, structure are 80% done.

As with every week, we want to do our best to keep you guys posted!

Here are some changes or progress.

  1. We’ve finished organizing the categories or sections for the website. Here is a list of categories we have and will develop with content:

You can find it when you go to the categories tab on the menu.

Animals refer to animal studies and also any cool facts related to dogs, cats, dolphins you name it. Just as much fun as it is understanding humans, animals and pets can teach us a lot. Did you know that cats and human have the same brain region for emotions? (editor please help add our citation/link here)

Antisocial Personality Disorder is the official diagnosis for psychopathy or sociopathy. Since this is such a popular topic and viewers interest even on our Psych2Go Youtube Channel, we hope to further expand with more and more content. Maybe even interviews from psychologists and people who have stories to share to give us more insights. It’s a great way for people to understand others, protect themselves or even understand themselves.

Anxiety is a pretty general category for anything and everything that has to do with anxiety. Anxiety related content can be something as simple as tips on dealing with anxiety, types of anxiety and treatments for anxiety.

Introversion is another really popular category we have. Many of our readers and community members in fact say they are introverts and would love to learn more about themselves. This includes tips on surviving as an introvert, dealing with people and also loving oneself.

Lifestyle is a new category we’re experimenting as we rebuild this site, hence the theme is also very lifestyle based like. In fact, it is a lifestyle news theme. We feel that finding mental health is a balance between one’s lifestyle, how one carry themselves from finding their own comfortable wears to eating, sleeping and exercising well. Hence, this topic covers anything that might not directly also fall with like the general things you would expect when visiting a psychology website.

We can go on and on to explain the rest of the categories, but you can visit them to find out!


If anyone is thinking of becoming a contributor for any of these categories, feel free to email us your pitch or ideas! Apply here. (editor, add the link to the application form we are working on here)

Now let’s move on to the second update before you get too tired and stop reading.

A lot internally within the Psych2Go company has changed as well. We brought on a few new people and also added and changed responsibilities of some. At psych2go, we value ‘adapatiblity.’ We believe in having people who are up for new challenges, responsibilites and tasks. The nature of startups is like that of a moving sale ship. Yes, you need people who takes on clear roles and stick to those, but at times, people will fall off the ship and someone else need to cover. Also, the tides are strong and if you can’t navigate it by learning to adapt and cover one another, how the heck are we going to survive? Hence, everyone we have on Psych2Go carries the trait of adaptability and can quickly cover each other’s arses.

Here are some changes:

  1. We’re fully on boarding a two social media people to cover our various social media pages as well as expansion.
    1. Kelly  covers all the pages and graphics development.
    2. Lara is responsible for sharing articles and copy writing
    3. Michelle on overseeing the whole thing as well.
  2. Yumika is currently working on the human resource and communication end and trying to get the editorial team to work together.
  3. Imogen and the others are working on the magazine, including the entire production process, and also the marketing too.
  4. Viveca and Celina who handles the editorial fabulously
  5. Many helps there and here with the graphic department.
  6. E-commerce and product end is managed by the founder himself.
  7. Sales end is still something we haven’t embarked on since relaunching of the site. We’re still looking for you sales people! Actually, we have them, but they are currently put on hold.
  8. Erin who’s leading the Youtube end fabulously.
  9. Risha, Daria assisting in everything else that needs be. Kinda filling the leaks of the ship whenever we need it. Thanks to them the rest of the team can focus on their core work.

Thank you to many others too who are not listed here! You guys all play a big role! Together, we are about 100 strong!

Lastly, here’s our current projects and challenges.

This week we’re working on revising our editorial process, creating a better writing manual, on boarding process as well as focus on quality and helpful content.

We want to make sure that you can quickly find content you are looking for as well as them being useful, and complete.

That’s about it! Let us know if you guys have any comments or questions below!

Your Community Manager, 

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