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When I first built Psych2Go in 2008, my vision was to establish a platform for people to communicate, create, and discuss all things psychology, mental health and life. Being the loner in high school, and an introvert, I didn’t know there was a place that allowed friendships, learning and community to develop. Thanks to Tumblr, I was able to post content about psychology, mental health awareness, and other content related to psychology. From there, a small community was formed. You all came to offer answers to questions I had, and even ask more questions on topics I myself was starting to learn about. Those were the best days of Psych2Go, at least for me. Now, we have so many animators, writers, voice actors, and over a thousand videos on Youtube about all things psychology and mental health and everything in between. However, things at Psych2Go is beginning to feel a little too corporate. Too repetitive, too distant from what we used to be.

Hence, the team and I talked about it. And we concluded that we really want to bring back the mission of our work. We want to go back to our roots of having a platform. Where everyone, from students studying psychology to the everyday enthusiasts, want to share or learn something new with others. To give everyone a portal to vent, discuss, and give life to things that are bothering them. We want to be a safe place on the web to declutter any and all troubling thoughts or ideas our community has.

To do this, I personally went ahead and added a ‘sign up’ button somewhere on the top corner where you can create your own personalized account, add your own avatar, comments, and start threads or make suggestions about any content that you would like psych2go to cover.

There will also be a prize system. Members who actively engage by leaving feedback, helping to answer questions, and making content, will be able to redeem points for merchandise or gift cards. We’re still figuring this part out, but that’s what we hope to see.

In the future, say 3 years down the line, we hope that this website can be like a second home. A coffee shop or cool hiding spot where the community can come to reconnect with old friends and chat about challenges you have overcome. To help the next generation of people find their footing in this world. Even as I am getting older, I still know so little about myself. But I still want to do new things. I want to seek out new mentors, new friendships, and new connections who can guide me a bit. We hope that this website can be a community that you can return to when you feel a bit lost, in the blues and need a little glimmer of that silver lining.

Also, if you would like to connect with me, you can do so at

Here’s hoping you stop on by and stay for a bit.

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