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The hit Disney Channel series titled “That’s So Raven” was my go to show childhood show as I secretly was awed at Raven’s psychic abilities. Years later, pass my naïve stage in which I now understand being psychic is not all glitz and glam, I cannot help but to notice all the (hole in the wall) psychic shops. The red-hot question is: “Are psychics real?”

My curiosity stirred even more when I contacted a psychic online and received a HIGHLY accurate reading; I was surprised because I gave him barely any information about myself. He stated that although I appear disciplined and confident externally, I am greatly worrisome internally (very true and a personal thing I normally would not share but for the benefit of this article, I will). Most people are not aware that I am a severe over thinker and it was shocking that this man was able to detect that so quickly.

After the above incident, I grew a huge interest and started doing a bunch of research.

All of us enjoy certainty and we cannot help but to wonder the whereabouts of our future. However, are we wasting our money by seeking verification in someone who claims to have surreal powers but in actuality, they are just keen on intuition?

In an article titled “Differences Between Genuine and Fraud Psychics”, it states that only one out of every four people who call themselves psychic or medium readers are sincere psychics with real abilities (

The idea that psychics are in genuine stirs from that fact that psychics are extremely observant, analytical and great at reading people. When a client walks in, they will judge your age, class, race, clothing you wear, etc. Psychics have heard the same questions numerous of times: “Does he love me? Should I buy this house? Are my kids going to be successful?” Their answers have been scripted in a broad sense that can easily be applied to anyone asking the same theme question (

A genuine psychic named Hectate shares with us a few ways in which we can better detect a fraud from the real deal:

1)      Many phony psychics online ask for your birthdate and star sign. They then will quickly look up the horoscope for both and revise it in their own words.

2)      Online psychics will ask for the country and city you live in and your age. Someone’s whereabouts says a lot about their lifestyle-working class, middle class, upper class, etc.

3)      Fake psychics will insist that there is a curse on you or on one of you dear loved ones. They are using fear as a motivator which will result in a longer reading and more profit for them.

4)      A fraud will boost about being known around the world and have read for celebrities. Do research prior to going to a psychic; look at their ratings, personal testimonials, previous clientele, etc.

5)      Fraud psychics do not allow for you to ask questions that you will only know the answer to (for example, what was I doing yesterday at 8 PM?) A fake psychic does not like to be tested and will not know the answer to this. A real psychic is aware of your past, present and future and will be able to know all the questions you ask them.

6)      Wear casual clothes for face to face readings as jewelry and clothing can easily reveal your lifestyle, social class and personality. Do not give the psychic any help in reading you.

7)      A fake psychic will manipulate you into giving information so they can give you a better reading. A real psychic is known to not ask any questions and instead, only answer questions you have.

8)      Sincere psychics will provide you with the good and bad news. Fake ones will only tell you what you want to hear and leave out the blunt information.







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