Psychology Quiz: The Oasis Test Will Reveal Your Innermost Thoughts To You

Ever wonder what are the true, raw thoughts and beliefs hidden within your subconscious? This test is less a cohesive journey and more a series of questions that all tend to relate back to the concept of an oasis — a place of true rest, of beauty, of relaxation and contentment.

Relax your mind and answer the questions below without thinking too much. Write them down on a paper if you want a more accurate result. Don’t cheat 🙂

  1. You’re walking down the road and you see a box. You walk up to the box and look inside of it. What does the box contain?
  2. Now picture yourself in the position of being able to retire right now. Where would you spend the rest of your life?
  3. You’ve been wandering around a desert all day completely lost. In the distance, you see a village. You also see a deserted oasis full of water, plants and food. Which do you go to?
  4. What would you do if you suddenly lost everything?
  5. Tomorrow is Sunday, what do you plan to do?
  6. If you found yourself in a tight spot, where would you go for help? Who would you ask?
  7. If you could pick one age to be for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  8. If you were told you had 24 hours to live, how would you spend that time?
  9. If your home was on fire and you could save only one thing, what would you save?

Once you’ve answered all the questions, go to the next page to reveal your results!

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  1. So im some sort of responsibility lover, that is insecure and sentimental. wanting to live somewhere far from here, in a few years. hm. kinda is me

  2. Off by a country mile almost every time. Of course I don’t want there to be anything in the box. If there is something in the box it probably belongs to someone, I’m not going to steal it. If its empty? Aw yeuh! Free mothafkin box! Obviously this -entire- village full of people wants absolutely nothing to do with that oasis, despite the close and clear bounty, thats a big ass red flag. Danger! Maybe it’s poisioned, has predators, or its contested territory? Doesn’t matter, my desire to live has nothing to do with how much I prefer play over work. It just goes on. You got the age one right, but come on, thats pretty shallow fruit. You can do better.

  3. Nothing new, everything is bad and it’s getting worse, just made sure of that finishing the test.

  4. I think, for the last question, that it’s still kind if practical if you grabbed something expensive you can sell it for some quick cash to get back on your feet.

    I personally chose my dog so I don’t know what that makes me.

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