7 Psychology Youtube Channels You Definitely Want to Watch

We’ve lately gotten some asks about whether we knew some good sources for psychology youtube videos. Well, you are lucky we do! While of course you’ve been watching our Psych2go youtube channel,  there are some amazing others out there. Here are 7 ones we’d highly recommend, one even features a famous author you’ve probably heard of!

  1. CrashCourse

This youtube channel is owned by Hank and John Green. Yes, that John Green, from the Fault in Our Stars. Crashcourse offers a comprehensive introduction course of psychology and sociology consisting plenty of high quality videos. It begins with the basic introduction of “what is psychology?” before quickly diving into topic focused videos. These include research methods, how psychology developed as a science, famous faces in the field, how chemicals affect your brain and sensation & perception videos. They also go into topics such as sleep, love and consciousness. There is something for everyone. They have also sorted their psychology and sociology topics into handy playlists.They also have load of videos on other subjects, but it is a great and engaging resource for psychology youtube videos.


  1. The Psych Show

This is currently a smaller channel but no less important than any other. Dr. Ali Mattu (PhD) is a clinical psychologist at Columbia University. He uses his free time to bring you some interesting psychology youtube videos in a good quality and understandable format. He covers all sorts of topics, such as fear, diversity (“Why we should fear white supremacists”) , attraction, work and school (“How to prevent burnout”) and even book recommendations. Definitely one to watch! Let him know you came from us in his comment section!

  1. BrainCraft

If you are especially interested in neuroscience this is the channel for you! Braincraft focuses on everything connected to the brain. Even dinosaur brains feature in their discussions. Other topics are optical illusions, why everything takes longer than you expect , why songs gets stuck in your head and more!

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  1. BiteSizePsych

BiteSizePsych’s aims to provide you with concise psychology knowledge. This means that most of these psychology youtube video’s are under 5 minutes long. Perfect for during a break or when you’re in a waiting room. Brush up on your psych knowledge quickly.

They also make helpful videos with hacks and tricks, such as “Hacking into the power of social networks” and “Why you shouldn’t trust successful people’s advice”. They make interesting, easily digestible videos with nice animation. A lot of their stuff focuses on real life psychology you’ll encounter very often.

  1. Psych2go

Of course we couldn’t very well leave out our own psychology youtube channel right> We make videos on all sorts of psychology topics, such as busting muths, introversion/extroversion, personality theory, signs of manipulation and other stuff you can use in your daily life. We also dive into psychology related to well known pop culture subjects, such as Harry Potter and tv series. Of course we feature quizzes and brain teaser as well. As an added bonus our videos also feature beautiful hand drawn animations.

  1. Ted-Ed

The famous speech organization also has a youtube channel with animated lessons on all sorts of topics. And a lot of them are about psychology as well. As usual, they are really good quality, and have an interesting range of topics.

  1. Practical Psychology

Does what it says on the packaging. While some of the psychology youtube channels we’ve named have focused on a broad scope of topics, or on one part of the body alone, this channel does things slightly different. They do videos in psychology you can apply directly, with whiteboard animation to watch. They are very practical and feature practical topics from “How to read anyone instantly”  to  making a first impression, and “Confident voice tricks”.

So these were some of the amazing psychology youtube channels you wanted to see! Do you know any others because we at psych2go would love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. I like that the first point was about being told to not be shy. I like to get familiar with a new environments and new people before I start freely talking. I thought that since I am an adult, people would stop asking why I’m so shy, and they mostly have. But last year, I was starting a new job (I was 25 at the time) and, after working there about a week, one of my new co-workers told me to just be myself. I nodded that I understood but inside I was screaming, “I am being myself!” It’s so frustrating when people expect me to be something I’m not and see me as lesser when I just don’t talk as much as other people. Let me be me!!

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