Public Speaking: 7 Powerful Tips How to Look Super Confident

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Did you know that 75% of us suffer from nervousness when it comes to public speaking? That’s according to research.

Every one of us at some point in time has felt some anxiety, especially when speaking to a crowd of people or making a presentation in front of business partners.

Mastering the art of public speaking is important, especially for business owners, consultants or authors because they have to speak to groups of other business people. Johnston Thomas a business consultant at NinjaEssays shares some tips that could help you look super confident during public speaking.

Let’s hear what has says…

  1. Make a Great First Impression

Did you know that when speaking to a gathering you have only 30 seconds to attract their attention? Yes, that’s the time it takes to get them listening to what you will say.

So, if you can make them pay attention to your speech within the first 30 seconds of your speech, then you will have an enjoyable talk.

Now, to make a good first impression, here is what Johnston advises.

  • Dress well– It’s not a question, appearance matters a lot. The way you dress will make you feel confident or less confident which ultimately hurts your first impression.
  • Give it your utmost smile– Every one of us has that charming smile. This is the best time to give your face that smile.
  • Make a good eye contact– When they look at you, look at them too, but not in a rude or harsh look. Giving your audience eye contact builds trust.
  1. Make Them Laugh

Johnston says that in his experience, he has found starting with a joke the best way to look super confident. When he throws a joke and people start laughing, it helps him feel relaxed.

Getting your audience to smile and laugh lightens the mood in the room and makes you feel confident.

When they laugh as you laugh, you all look the same and that builds trust as well.

  1. Pay Attention to Those Who Shows Signs of Listening.

Antonio Christine, a psychology expert at nerdywriters, an essay writing service provider admits that it can be extremely nervous to see that you are not connecting to your audience when talking.

And it can even get worse if you see that people appear not to be interested in what you are saying.

But here is the truth: Among those that appear to be disinterested, there are a few who are interested. You just need to pay attention to those who are nodding as you continue speaking. It feels good when someone is listening and shows a sense of agreement with what you are saying.

In fact, those who are nodding will make you feel more confident and motivated. But if you focus on those who do not show signs of agreement with you, you will lose confidence.

  1. It’s Important to Practice Beforehand

Most people when they see you speaking they think you were born a public speaker. That’s not true. Everyone can become a public speaker. It’s something you learn through experience. You must be willing to put in the time for it.

You could look for simple ways to practice. For instance, you could volunteer to facilitate leadership meetings in your local community. This way, you will start to develop that confidence as you go along.

  1. Mistakes are Meant to Correct Us

Writers from EduBirdie say:”When you make a mistake, be comfortable with it”. Never panic when you trip. And be prepared because this is something you will come across even when you become a professional public speaker.

Remember, you are not alone making that mistake; even the seasoned orators have made mistakes at some point in their speaking career. What matters is how you can quickly get back to your feet after a mistake before you put off the listeners.

In fact, Antonio says that is it important to accept your mistake before your audience as they will be happy to forgive you. Or, you could throw a joke immediately to make them forget about what has just transpired.

  1. Be Yourself

A study by custom essay writings group shows that people fail to become super confident during public speaking when they start copying other people.

This shows that if you are funny then be funny, the same way if you are informal.

Remember, you are just sharing your ideas and experience with your listeners and not performing.

Let your audience see you as you are and not try to wear someone else’s character.

  1. Understand the Message You Are Putting Across

To look super confident during public speaking, you must know what you are communicating. In his experience as a consultant, Johnston says that he has conducted successful speeches by writing a list of points that help him to get started and expound more on.

With a list of some few key takeaways of your speech, you rest assured you will not wander as you address the audience.

No one can create confidence for you but yourself. If you do not practice, you will never build confidence. Mistakes are meant to correct us. When you make a mistake, do not panic but recollect yourself quickly and get your listeners in the right mood immediately.

By following these tips, you will likely look super confident in your next public speaking session.


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