QUIZ: How Sensitive Are You?

Different people have different scale of sensitivity depending on their personality. Have you wonder to what degree you fall under the scale? Take the test to find out.

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  1. You Are Moderately Sensitive!

    You have a healthy self esteem. Most of the time, you believe in yourself and your own ability. But after all, you are still human, and will sometimes feel hurt by negative circumstances that happen to you. You don’t often take things personally because you know how to separate feelings from the message being delivered. You have a good level of self-appreciation, hence, you find it progressively easier to separate emotions from the content of another’s communication and will recognize the importance of differentiating between the two in their own communications. You are very aware of your emotions and you are able to recognize that to be emotionally healthy, you must move from victim to victor. You refuse to let the past control what happens today.

    Oh yes baby, self-consciousness for the win. When I was younger (3-4 years ago) I was highly sensitive and shy, didn’t have any understanding about myself and what is happening around me. But now I can see that I can be capable to reach my goals if I want to.

  2. You Are Insensitive!
    You might seemed very confident around people. You have a “I don’t give a sh*t” vibe to your aura and people tend to think of you as aloof as their first impression. It might be a good trait to not care what others think and strive for what you want in life, but sometimes, you are not tuned in to the needs and emotions of others. Do you try to understand another person’s point of view when they’re explaining something to you? Do you make a conscious effort to ask questions, understand information, and listen? When another person is sad or frustrated, do you experience the same emotions? If you answer “No” to all of the above, this is the best time to reflect and consider how often you actively try to understand the perspective of another person. You have a bold character, but sometimes being too blunt or critical of others might cause conflicts in your friendships or relationships with others.

  3. You Are Highly Sensitive!
    You often have difficulty letting go of negative thoughts and emotions. You are always too hard on yourself and tend to “beat yourself up” when falling short of your own expectations. You might pretend to look okay on the outside, but deep down you often hide negative feelings, believing they are too strong, turbulent, embarrassing or vulnerable to share. However, the brightside of this is that you have greater awareness of changes in the natural world — from a shift in barometric pressure to phase of the moon, you can be very creative and often sense the natural world in a far greater detail than nonsensitives.

  4. “When you were a child, did parents or teachers seem to see you as sensitive or shy?”
    and the answers makes no sense, make this test again with answers that make sense

  5. I don’t know how this works but I got “Insensitive!” which kinda surprised me so I played again with changing only two answers for similar ones and the new results were “highly sensitive “, hmm… I guess the truth is somewhere in the middle 😊

  6. The answers for the quiz are very telling. this quiz is made to make sure you know which answers to select. some people might not be “highly sensitive” but want that result. You don’t need a quiz to tell you that. you’d already know.


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