To feel really loved, are you more sensitive to gifts and actions, physical touch, time spent together or encouraging words? Do you really know what is your language of love? Take the test and find out!

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QUIZ: What is your Love Language? %%personality%%

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  1. This actually describes me, I want my partner to show that he loves me, not just saying it and I want him to be honest and open and dependable.

  2. Crap. My love language is physical touch and I’m in a long distance relationship 🤦‍♀️ I have a designated stuffed animal that represents my partner that I hug whenever I miss them and so do they but is that even enough, you know?

  3. I think the test was good but I felt the questions and their respective answers are were a little female audience focused. Perhaps take a little more consideration for how a typical male might answer the question. But I was content with my results they seemed fairly accurate.

  4. A bit of constructive criticism: often the questions’ options are too obvious as to which love language it is, so the quiz-taker would have to consciously decide on what their love language is instead of finding out what their love language is organically. Other than that, great quiz!

  5. Well touch does make me feel loved. But, for me quality time is how I show my love the most. So I feel this was wrong. But this was the first one that was a little off because all other test on here did it was right on purity much

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