Friendship is a an essential part of our happiness. Your friends contribute to your well-being, personality and life, so what kind of friend are you? Are you a good or bad friend? Are you the loyal one, funny one, the helpful one or the total party animal of your friendship group? Take the QUIZ to find out!

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QUIZ: What type of friend are you? %%personality%%

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  1. Everything is true. I’m the one that will be there for anyone else and give my all to but at the same time, Nobody else can do the same thing. I been hurt, abused, beaten, forced to be someone’s loyal bitch because I always be in need of dire things that everyone can see I need. Like food, clothing, shit that stands out like my faded ripped clothes and shoes and lack of style because of my financial situation. Being 320 pounds, black male, gay, and suicidal thoughts and actions, living in a racist desert of Arizona, doesn’t help when these situations arise. Thank you for reading my bullshit. Have a good weekend.

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