6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Judge An Introvert

It’s easy to judge the people around us for how different they appear at first glance – you could find yourself chuckling at the introvert curled up awkwardly in the corner of the party, or shaking your head in the direction of the bubbly social butterfly talking a little too loud in the library. I myself am prone to the cliche habit of judging a book by its cover. But as an introvert with a hoard of judgemental extroverted friends I find myself wondering, what could we learn from each other if we were willing not to judge, but to try and understand our differences better? In this article I’ll be delving into the key reasons why you shouldn’t judge an introvert.


1. The indoors can be fun!

You might be under the impression that every introvert leads a dark, mind-numbing existence, staring at their laptop screen for 24 hours a day and never cracking a smile. But the Simple Wikipedia definition of introversion and extroversion reminds us that introverts can still be fun and sociable while drawing their energy from individual, indoor activities. So though it might seem strange for us to prefer some quiet knitting to a night on the town with friends, remember that your introvert friends are the perfect people to turn to for entertainment on a rainy day.

2. Introverts can make you feel really special

We introverts like to keep a condensed circle of friends. But if we do let you into our lives, you can be sure that we’ll be loyal, selfless, and particularly grateful that we can trust you. If an introvert makes an effort to spend time with you it means a great deal. It doesn’t mean that we’re picky, or generally rude. Here’s an article which explains why introverts make great friends.

3. We have plenty of interesting things to talk about…

Introverts might not appear talkative, but that doesn’t mean we’re incapable of stringing together an exciting sentence. We all have a favourite movie, a lucky number or a hilarious hidden talent, but sometimes even simple small talk can be intimidating. Give us a safe space and a chance to really delve into our passions with you; you might be surprised at how enlightening the conversation could be.


4. …but there’s no harm in being a good listener

Nobody knows how to listen like an introvert. We’re unlikely to talk over you, and as the keen observers of a situation we might better understand what you’re trying to tell us than anybody else. Good listeners are important for great speakers to thrive, so remember not to judge but to treasure your introvert friends!


5. Extroverts seem plenty strange to us

To someone who thrives off fun and attention from friends, an introvert’s opposition to social interaction might seem completely unreasonable. But to somebody who is terrified of the spotlight, extroverts can sometimes appear completely insane. Remember that if we don’t want to be judged, we shouldn’t judge others. The world would be a much nicer place if people were a little more understanding.

6. Introverts are people, just like you.

We all have different strengths that set us apart from everybody else, but that’s no reason to judge and alienate one another. Some people ooze confidence whenever they enter a room, while others can barely add to the flow of a conversation; your favourite subject might be maths, while your best friend wins medal after medal in P.E; I can barely use a sewing machine, but my mum grew up wanting to be a fashion designer. An introvert’s social battery might drain faster, but they too have a place in the big wide world. Sacrifice a few nights out, extend a hand, and you’ll find that you can open doors which were once tightly locked to you and everyone else who judged us dazzling introverts.

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