School Edict 101

Going back to school means waking up early, studying, homework, and of course, getting pushed and shoved around in the hectic hallways. My high school is the 102nd largest school in Florida; meaning, there are tons of people. Typically, during hallway rush hour, I will get bumped into at least twice and I’m completely stopped in my tracks for at least a minute due to hallway congestion. Not that it’s specifically anyone’s fault, everyone is trying to get where they’re supposed to go; but there are some people that need a few lessons on how to have proper hallway edict.

First of all, lets talk about where and how to walk. Everywhere in America, everyone drives on the right side of the road, meaning; we should walk on the right side of the hallway. Everyone walking everywhere is not effective to the slightest. We walk on the right side and keep ‘traffic’ flowing. If you are walking down the hallway and you see your friend in the other ‘lane’ don’t push people to try to get to him/ her. Considering we have only about 6 minutes to get from class to class, there is no time for anyone to cause a traffic jam.


Not to mention the people that just stop in the middle of the hallway in groups to stand and chat. Like I previously mentioned, we only have about 6 minutes between classes and our school is pretty big. So not only are you hurting yourself but everyone around you. I can tell you first hand how annoying that is. Last but not least, just know that everyone just wants the school day to be over, so don’t take much to heart if someone doesn’t smile back at you.


In conclusion, making more of a hassle for frustrated high school students is not a good idea. Keeping things flowing and making sure you’re walking where you’re supposed to helps out a lot. Obviously this is not a psychology post but it was just something that has been on my mind.

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