Set Up a Dating Profile That Leads To Success

Once you decide to try your luck and maybe find your soulmate on a dating platform, you have to make sure you’ve maximized your chances of success. Follow these steps and set up a perfect dating profile.

1. Stick only to the right photos

First of all, fake photos and a lot of filters are a no-no. The point of online dating is for you to feel comfortable about meeting new people and to worry about the unrealistic expectations you’ve set through your pictures. So, use the maximum number of photos you’re allowed to upload and makes sure they show you in different situations. In other words, don’t stick to just selfies where you look great – you need to tell an honest story about yourself in a few photos. Have a full-body photo and also a head-shot, and let the pictures show different settings.

2. Keep your info short

Profiles used to hold a lot of information before but it’s a different story today. Today, it’s important to keep a bit of mystery about you so that the person reading your profile feels compelled to know more about you and write to you. Stick to most important bits, like your profession, hobby and sport you enjoy, etc.

3. Use all available tools

Don’t make a big mistake and leave something blank when you’re filling out your profile. All the available tools are there to help you meet new people who are interested in you and who could potentially interest you. If you give all the details asked for, you’ll increase your chances of meeting the right person for you. Otherwise, you’ll have too many mismatches. The more authentic you are, there bigger will be the chance that people who contact you are really those who could matter.

4. Encourage conversation

To have a successful arrangement dating, you first need to get people into conversation with you. The most popular method of encouraging it is to add a conversation starter in your bio. It will help the other person break the ice if they decide to have a chat with you. For example, instead of only stating that you love to travel, why not ask the other party what their favorite holidays are – it’s much easier to create a contact if you were already posed a question.

5. Keep the positive attitude but be clear about what you’re seeking

Don’t be too aggressive with disclaimers such as “Don’t message if you only want a hook up” – there is a better way to say it implicitly. Focus on attracting the right people, not on blocking the wrong ones. It’s always better to explain exactly who you are what you’re looking for, then go into a bit more detail about it.

6. Don’t resort to clichés

The sections where you are asked to describe yourself can be quite tricky. Many of us are prone to following cliché statements like “I like to read/travel”, which diminish the significance of this section. Instead, you need to highlight everything that makes you different from others. The easiest technique is to write two paragraphs about you and one paragraph about what you are seeking on the platform. It’s better to switch to specific stories when you write about yourself than just sheer facts. The more specific information you give, the easier it is to make contact with you. So, instead of saying how you like traveling, it’s better to say where your last journey was and what your next destination will probably be.

7. Don’t focus on the dating part

Even though most of the people on dating platforms are there just for the sake of dating, no need to mention it in your profile. Avoid saying things like: “Everybody were nagging me about giving this a chance, so here I am finally”. You may think it sound cute but it actually sends the message to others that that platform is your last resort and that you are a bit desperate.

Final comment

Joining a dating profile can be a lot of fun if you are not too serious about your expectations. Just be natural and keep in mind the things you want and who knows – maybe you’ll find that magical person you’re looking for.

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