Several Ways to Manage Anxiety in Public Places

Having to deal with work, family, traffic, and fitness goals on a daily basis can take a toll on your mental health. When that is compounded by other pressures in life, say, mortgage, auto loan, student loan, and, well, taxes, your life can easily morph into an anxious mess.

Statistics from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) show that more than 40 million American adults struggle with anxiety. That tells you that you aren’t alone, so you shouldn’t shy away from finding help, medical or otherwise. But even as you seek medical help, are there ways of managing anxiety, particularly in public places?

Lucky for you, we have prepared a list of 5 simple and effective ways that you can manage anxiety without medication. Please read on…

  1.     Bring your own noise

Maybe you get anxious in public places because of all the noise people, car horns, and industries make. Maybe you associate the noise with a traumatic experience you had earlier in life.

If that’s your case, bringing your own noise to the supermarket, workplace, or even church will help you battle anxiety. This noise could be anything from white noise to your favorite music. Just download whichever noise appeals to you and have your earphones with you at all times. What’s more, listening to the music of hope and encouragement makes you forget your troubles and live in the moment.

  1.     Talk to a life coach

“An experienced life coach knows every little detail of anxiety, including how to calm an anxious mind. This is a person who has handled hundreds or even thousands of stress and anxiety cases before, so he/she knows how to solve your problems without being judgmental. The life coach will gladly become part of your support system so that you don’t feel all alone in whichever challenges you are going through.” says Animas Coaching.

One of the greatest attributes of life coaches is that they are all great listeners. Your coach will listen to you without rushing into conclusions, so you will empty all your fears and concerns to him. In the end, the advice he will offer you will hand you back the control of your life, both public and private. He will provide you with invaluable thought exercises that you will be applying whenever you are in an anxious situation.

  1.     Travel

If you get anxious whenever you think about the future and the challenges it will bring, then what you need is a vacation- A break from your daily routine. Being in the office for 9 hours a day means frequent meetings, scheduled appointments, endless to-do lists, and tons of deadlines to meet. All these tasks and future plans can be exhausting regardless of how experienced you think you are, and that exhaustion could be the trigger for your anxiety.

“Stepping out of that office and talking a walking tour, for example, helps you forget about deadlines, future plans, and daily hustles for a moment so that you can enjoy life to the fullest” suggests Strawberry Tours, which organizes free walking tours in London. Vacationing helps you notice things around you, meet new people, appreciate nature, and get closer to your partner. Just switch off your phone and PC and spend a weekend disconnected from your usual world. That will calm you down.

  1.     Eat

For what it is worth, never skip meals for anything in this world. Many people get anxious in the afternoon for not eating enough or well-balanced lunch. Why so?

Well, when you skip meals, your blood sugar dips and that leads to uncontrolled production of cortisol- stress hormone- in your body. This hormone is important as it helps people to perform optimally under pressure, but it can be detrimental when in excess. Besides, the last thing you want is additional pressure when you already suffer from anxiety.

Pro tip: Avoid overindulging in sugar cravings or eating junk food in an attempt to fight afternoon anxiety. A sugar rush might precipitate panic attacks, nervousness, and other physical symptoms of anxiety.

  1.     Choose the right people to chat with

 Two things happen to people when anxiety kicks in: Either they completely shut down from the world or they overshare about their problems with the world. Shutting down could lead to depression and more anxiety. Oversharing, on the other hand, could lead to public embarrassment. You lose either way.

What’s the solution, then? Well, the best thing to do is to find a few people who care about you deeply and be talking to them whenever you feel anxious. That means you will not shut down, neither will you overshare. 

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