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Sex Drives: Do Women’s Libidos Match Up to Men’s Libidos?

Lil Kim raps very accurate words in Christina Aguilera’s “Can’t Hold Us Down” that depict the standard acceptable sexuality expressiveness: ””Here’s something I just can’t understand, If a guy have three girls than he’s the man. He can even give us some head and sex her raw, if the girl do the same, then she’s a whore.”

It’s perfectly acceptable for men to be these aggressive tiger like sex freaks, while women are expected to be all hush hush. Regardless of the fact that women are coy about the topic, society has assumed that their sex drive must be lower. One reddit user even went as far as to record in a spreadsheet how often his wife refused him sex- on 27 occasions of requesting to get down and dirty, his wife only gave in 3 times. But are women’s sex drives really lower? Various sources claim that women have just as equal sex drives as men and maybe…even higher ones. What do you think?

“Gone are the days when a ‘high sex drive’ was considered a male prerogative” says relationship and sex counselor Dr. Geetu Bhardwaj. “ … [women] they can overtake men not only in their sex drive, but also in sexual performance”.

It’s widely known that women provide sex in exchange for various things: money, materialistic processions, and most commonly: emotional intimacy. Journalist Daniel Bargner went to an extreme point to say that the notion of women wanting sex with emotional intimacy is fake fluff…and get this: women get aroused by watching monkeys have sex and gay men have sex. When the same study was conducted on straight men, they weren’t as aroused, or even aroused at all, by the erotic things women were. Can you believe it?

Bargner worked with a team of sexologists who’ve conducted a series of intriguing studies with animals and humans and has summed up the conclusion in his book: What Do Woman What? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire. He conducted a study in which he showed women clips of various sexual acts: monkeys having sex, gay men having sex, etc. There was a strong genital arousal when women viewed these erotic and kinky scenes, which he concludes that it shows how libidinous women truly are. Low sex drive? I’m sure Bargner will say: “Please, that’s all bullshit”.

His studies have drawn that women want sex just as much as men do, and this drive is “not, for the most part, sparked or sustained by emotional intimacy and safety…[some women may be] even less well-suited for monogamy than men.” writer Tracy Clark-Flory also agrees with Bergner: “…women’s sexuality is not the rational, civilized and balancing force it’s so often made out to be — that it is base, animalistic and ravenous, everything we’ve told ourselves about male sexuality.”

So basically, what we’re saying is that women are just as horny, or maybe even hornier, than men. Agree or no?

If you are agreeing yes, does this mean that it’s perfectly acceptable for women to initiate sex and take charge in the bedroom? If we do this, we get labeled as being too desperate and aggressive. Should we stick to our traditional gender roles of women being “classy on the streets, and a freak in the sheets”, or should we transition into modern terms and allow women to openly express their high sex drives?




The truth about female desire: It’s base, animalistic and ravenous

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