Short Freudian Test: What’s on Your Subconscious Mind?

Psych2Go invites you to take a look deep into the secrets of your subconscious mind. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, turn the logic off, turn the imagination on, and let’s go!

  1. You’re peering into the sea. What do you feel?
  2. You’re walking in the forest and looking down at the ground. What do you see? Now write down the feeling you had.
  3. You watch seagulls flying above your head. How does this make you feel?
  4. You’re looking at running horses. What emotions did you get?
  5. You’re in the desert, and there’s a wall in front of you. You can’t see the end of it. There’s a little hole in the wall. You see an oasis through it. What are you going to do?
  6. While wandering around the desert, you suddenly find a jug full of water. What are your actions?
  7. You are lost in the forest in the night. Suddenly you find a house with lights on. Think of what you’re going to do.
  8. You’re in the fog, and you can’t see anything. What’s the first thing you want to do?

What do your answers mean?

  1. This is your attitude to life, your emotions, and wants.
  2. This is the way you feel about your family.
  3. Your attitude to women.
  4. Your attitude to men.
  5. This is your strategy for solving problems.
  6. This is how you choose your sexual partner.
  7. Your readiness for marriage and starting a family.
  8. Your attitude to death.

Based on materials from learning-mindbartleby

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. your comment here….

    1). the air on my body and feeling of urine exiting my body/penis
    2). leaves, dirt, twigs, rocks, bugs, birds – the processes at work and my part in it all
    3). no different
    4). no different
    5). depends on the circumstances. Am I thirsty? (I presume you assume I am) I would look through the hole and circumstantially, I might look for a way to expand the hole (if it’s necessary … the size of the hole is not mentioned)
    6). verify it is actually water. consider if it is safe to drink. possibly test it…depending on the circumstances
    7). depends, do I have any camping equipment with me? Can I see anyone inside?
    8). get my bearings

  2. Most interesting: Can’t see anything in fog…
    My answer: Enjoy the feeling of being invisible. Then dance.
    My attitude towards death. Bang on!

    1. My answer was to just sit down and enjoy the feeling of being alone.
      My attitude towards death is apparently: Wait for it and enjoy it.

  3. The fog question gives me the creeps (because i’ve had a dream about that.) My response was to get on hands and knees and feel my way along the ground to determine where I am.

    Question #6 “This is how you choose your sexual partner” :
    This corresponds to the finding of a jug of water in the desert.
    My answer was, “First sniff..then taste.” LOL!

  4. My answers…
    1) lightness, freedom, small, peace, quiet
    2)leaves on a wet ground. Excited
    4)interested/ curious
    5)try to make the hole bigger
    7)sleep outside not too far from the house but far enough where they won’t find me
    8)turn the high beams on

    My questions…
    *What does seeing seeing wet leaves on the ground in a forest & being excited mean as far as how I feel about my family? *answer 2

    * How does me drinking the water relate to how I choose my sexual partner? *answer 6

    *Does answer 7 mean that I see and am aware of the possibility of marriage and children but am not yet ready to make it apart of my life?

    1. I can imagine that the answer to your question about #6 is that, because you are in the hot desert, water is probably something you want. It’s now given to you, then there is your reaction to that possibility, how you cope with the situation and in the end it is up to you if you will drink it or not. Your sexual partner is someone you want to be with, as you want the water I believe. So your reactions to this kind of situation are probably similar. I am no expert so you cannot be entirely sure that what I said is 100% correct or accurate, but I hope my opinion helped even a little. 🙂

  5. Nr 1: freedom
    Nr 2: lonely
    Nr 3: fear of droppings
    Nr 4: bored, sleepy
    Nr 5: jump over the wall
    Nr 6: try small zip , if clean big zip, if dirty , soak hair and face
    Nr 7: quietly sneak past it
    Nr 8: look for a clearing

  6. 1) calm and cool
    2) chinar (oriental tree) leaves, mud and roots. i will feel excited.
    3) seagulls means; there is definitely water somewhere near so cool.
    4) I will feel happy as i love horses.
    5) if the wall is as tall as my height, I’ll use the hole to climb the wall.
    6) a jug of water in desert…suspicious. but I guess if I’m wandering, I’d be thirsty. i would feel ecstatic and gulp it down desperately( after examining)
    7) I will go to the house as I’m lost yet still be cautious because cabin in the woods…maybe hag!
    8) I would want a powerful torch, probably LED.

  7. For #5 “Your strategy for solving your problems.”

    My answer was literally, cry and try to find a way to it LOL

  8. Just wondering, how does this really reveal the subconscious mind? How do the answers relate to the meaning?

  9. No. 1) full of wonder and curiousity
    No. 2) grounded, down to earth
    No. 3) scared they’re gonna shit on me
    No. 4) majestic, powerful, strong, beautiful
    No. 5) climb over the wall using whatever means necessary, make it over the wall, period. No thought of failure
    No. 6) check to make sure it’s not someone else’s, then drink it
    No. 7) scout the house carefully and if find it to be ok, approach and ask for help
    No. 8) get flat on the ground and wait for it to lift

  10. 1. reminiscent, nostalgic, yearning

    2. mud, pleased

    3. pleased, weirded out

    4. amazed, cool

    5. not really go inside, scared, suspicious

    6. smell it, dip my finger and see if it’s real water

    7. throw a rock, who is inside, then maybe run

    8. wait for it clear out

  11. My answers..
    1. Longing to keep going further
    2. Looking at leaves and roots. I feel frustrated I keep looking down rather than enjoying the scenery around me. (Which is actually a problem that i have always looking at the ground to see where im walking rather than looking around me)
    3. Apathetic towards them
    4. Yearn to be with thm
    5. Just climb over
    6 Drink it without hesitation
    7 Rehearse what I’m going to say.. Prepare to run away if it turns bad
    8 Look and see what im standing on. Proceed with caution.
    This is really interesting to me when i saw the one about men and women. I’ve been toying with the idea of being a trans man, and this raises more suspicions about it. do i really want to be with them?

  12. 1. I can’t read it oops
    2. The dirt and mulch, insecure
    3. Happy, bc it means I’m near the beach
    4. Excitement, fear
    5. Break down the wall w/ fists
    6. Pour out the water and make it into a lake for myself
    7. Stalk the windows to see who’s inside, maybe mess with them
    8. Yell out to see if anyone else is lost too

  13. This was surprisingly insightful!
    1. I feel awe at the depth but I’m scared of what I can’t see (so true how I see life in general. I’m curious, but I dear it at tge same time)
    2. I feel at peace in the forest (same with my family)
    3. I feel small when I see how high the seagulls fly (women have made me feel insecure many times in my life)
    4. I feel freedom when I watch horses running (I’ve always felt more comfortable around men than women, I feel lile I can be myself without being judged as much)
    5. I would climb over the wall (I try to find the simplest way to solve problems, but I tend to think outside the box)
    6. I would “dive right in” and drink the water. If it’s good water, great, if its bad I was going to die anyway in the desert (I jump right into relationships and accept the outcome, hoping for the best)
    7. I would cautiously try to spy on the people in the house to see if they are dangerous before I consider asking for help (I guess I’m more cautious and untrusting of getting married, but I don’t want children so I’m not sure how accurate this can be)
    8. If caught in a fog where I couldn’t see anything, my 1st reaction would be to cry out for help. Trying to find someone, to find comfort in a companion (well this is easy, I’m scared to die and scared to be all alone)

    Very interesting!!

  14. 1) Peace and hope.
    2) I do this for real a lot xD I like to check the leaves and the insects, so I guess I feel curiousity?
    3) I like them but if there’s a lot of them I get anxious.
    4) Freedom
    6) I try to climb the wall or make the hole bigger. If it doesn’t work, I keep walking along the wall until I find the entrance.
    7) I drink a little bit and keep the rest for later (wtf)
    8) Find a comfortable place to sit and chill until the fog dissipates.

    I’m worried.

  15. answers-
    1-i feel spacey and light but not in a happy way, I feel disconnected and not in particularly in an emotional state
    2-rocky,bumpy,root covered, leaves everywhere, I feel mixed emotions , I want to take things but I feel bad about it.
    3-envious, I wish I could be as free as they are.
    4-i feel relaxed, the horses remind me there is good in the world.
    5-dig under it or if its short enough and rough enough for small foot holds scale it easily.
    6-i am relived and check to make sure its safe and clean
    7-im anxious, I want to go get help but am scared to bother others.
    8-i sit down and relax enjoying it, I explore and just over all feel relaxed and happy.

  16. 1. Fear of the unknown and depth
    2. Dirty and repealing
    3. Bliss and happiness and calmness.
    4. Freedom
    5. I feel angry and I shout my lungs out for someone and if ‘no one is watching’ try to climb the wall
    6. Before thinking about any consequences, I’ll drink greedily
    7. I’ll hide in fear
    8. I feel confused.

  17. 1. Calm
    2. Worry
    3. Awestruck
    4. Exhilaration
    5. Climb (duh)
    6. Two sips. Save it.
    7. Approach cautiously and peer in windows.
    8. Yell a bit and see how it echoes.

    The marriage and death ones made me laugh.

  18. The most funny answers:
    6. I’ll keep water in case I’ll need in future
    7. Observe for some time and if it seems safe, I’ll enter
    8. Want to feel ground under my feet 😀

  19. #5 My answer was dig under the wall
    #6 My answer was to dip my finger in the water to taste.
    #7 My answer was to find the nearest, tallest tree with string limbs to sleep in until morning.

    *Now I’m all confused now that I know what this means.

  20. great test:
    1. water, everything changes always.everything comes and goes.
    2. brown ground, with kleaves, i like brown, i feel loneliness.
    3. i miss the hague. because it was my hometown for 16 years and it is near the sea.( i think this has to do with my daughters leavomng home)
    4. swiftness, tempo, i love them 🙂
    5. make the hole bigger and climb through, togherter with Ben ( my son)
    6. drink the water ofcourse. ( then thought i had to safe some but then you walk with a jar trough the dessert. but you can do also a lot of other stuff with an empty jar. 🙂
    7. I would love to call in but i would be afraid of who I will find ( my ex was an alkoholic)
    8. walk and relax( this i did ofthen in known teritory, but now i read a lot of people doing other stuff like crawling on the ground and that sounds logic too. if you are on unknown teritory)

    I am isfp and woman of 51. i live in delft , the netherlands, europe. i love these tests please make some more. 🙂

    1. 7. my son has autism so he is always with me. we have a discussion about this because climbing the wall was his answer. . 🙂 he is infp. i love to read all the comments here.

  21. 1 calmness(can feel warmth from the sun and the water is shiny)
    2 calmness fallowed bu panic(looking at rich earth but seeing a worm crawling around)
    3 calm and joyful, happy(i love seagulls)(on a side note i love women too)
    4 excitement, the thrill of the chase(it was a horce race in my mind)
    5 look around to see if there is an opening either side, if not dig, if that doesn’t work try to scratch the hole to make it bigger
    6 smell it taste it drink if O.K.(it’s the same while choosing a partner too)
    7 watch the house for half an hour 45 minutes of nothing looks bad, out of the ordinary go in(you know, horror movie stuff)
    8 take my tongue out, breathe it, see if i can see my hands(i have no clue about this one but the hands part is like a game to me so… childish? happy?)

  22. my answer for the question number 6 is quite negative
    it’s answer is – may be an illusion, maybe I won’t take it…
    what does it mean ?

  23. 1. Carefree and chill
    2. Fallen leaves, walking about to avoid them
    3. Relaxed as I watch from the distance
    4. Free, let them run
    5. Looking to see if I can climb over the fence if not try to walk around it.
    6. I pick it up and look around. If there is nobody there to claim it I take it. No idea how long before I find water again or when I might get thristy.
    7. I approach it with caution.
    8. Nothing – I can’t see where to go

  24. 1. How much is in from of me while enjoying the breeze calming me.
    2. I see all these contrast colors while stepping over dead leaves feeling amazed and calm at the same time.
    3. Curious
    4. Freedom and feel the need to run with them.
    5. Start poking it to watch it crumble right in front of me to get to that oasis.
    6. Assuming I’m tired and thirsty, I sit right next to it, pick it and savour every drop I take from it.
    7. Walk cautiously towards it wondering if there’s hope at the end of the light.
    8. Sit and stare at it while my mind wanders.


  25. wow this is actually pretty awesome, it’s pretty accurate. my answer:

    1. Free, like anything is possible, like I am infinite and there’s something big out there waiting just for me at the right moment, but like I’m exactly where I am supposed to be
    2. Dirt. I’m idle. (almost got a feeling like ‘why am I even here/here I go again’ but don’t really mind)
    3. THRILLED, extremely joyful
    4. freedom, rush, determination, persistence, like I shall achieve what I dream of?? moving on with life
    5. looking around if there’s any route to get there
    6. Test it (smelling/touching)
    7. Knock
    8. Lights and waving my hands for the fog to go away

  26. my answers to 1,2,3, and 4 were the same. a feeling of tranquility, freedom and happiness. omfortable security. what does it mean? and when in fog i’d wanna keep walking .. not scared or anything but just to finalluy come oout of the other end. which probably means i believe in reincarnation, which i do.

    can someone please help me with why my first 4 answers are almost identical ?

  27. 1. Light. Clear. Clean.
    2. Leaves, twigs, and rocks. Calm.
    3. Irritated.
    4. Bored.
    5. Climb over it. If it’s too high get innovative about vaulting it maybe. Or atleast die with a pretty view.
    6. Ration it strictly during the day then chug at night ;). Pfft all logic though during the day you Sweat out the toxins and shite. But during the night is when things get restored and renewed. Pfft romance is the dessert I’m dieing in HA. AND THE WATER IS LOGIC HAHAHAHA. I’ll probably die alone lol.
    7. Skirt the perimeters in the dark till the situation is in better view. Is it a axe murderer? Lil old lady pushing things into her old dirty oven? Or owner of a certain motel?
    8. Try to figure if I can see better under it or if there’s somewhere to get over the bulk. Wait for it to burn off. ╮(╯3╰)╭

  28. 1. Coolness of water embracing my body, awakening my soul

    2. Dried leaves and pathway, I feel mindful

    3. Jealous, wishing I could also fly

    4. Enthralled, I want to ride it

    5. Go drink at the oasis, get out of the hole, continue my journey

    6. Suspiscious, so I search for clues but I take the jug with me in case I get thirsty again (since i already drank at the oasis) searching for clues lol

    7. Find a tree near that house, climb it and stay there as I observe the house

    8. Confirm if i cant really use my senses to see my way through. If so, ill take the risk to walk in one direction til i hit a spot or something.

  29. Question #3
    How do I feel about women?
    A little bit scared, confused, and curious. 😂😂 WTF .. I know I’m still confused about my gender but this just blown my mind.