Signs that indicate you may have a gambling addiction

First of all, let us start by making one thing very clear. Gambling addiction is real and it does affect so many people in the world. There are so many people who have committed suicide because of gambling. Some have ruined their families and run into huge debts because of gambling addiction. This is a problem that most people never take seriously because they never think that it is actually real. Well, I am here to tell you that gambling addiction is real and if you happen to be affected, do not feel ashamed. Instead, you should seek the help you need. There are several organizations out there that are dedicated to helping people with addiction problem. You should also get in touch with local support groups and involve your family members and friends so that they can help you.

In this article, I discuss some of the most common signs of gambling that you should keep an eye out for.

Preoccupied with gambling

The first sign of gambling addiction is being preoccupied with betting. When you are addicted, betting becomes the only thing you are always thinking about. You stay logged into your situs judi account all day long, watching your bets and any new action you can place bets on. You become distracted at work because your focus is always somewhere else. As a result, your performance at work drops significantly and can be seen from how you can’t make deadlines or hit targets.

Also, betting becomes your priority over your family, marital responsibilities, and anything else. Your spouse will complain repeatedly, but you will always find excuses to give and promise to never take betting as priority over them again. Eventually, your spouse will live, but you won’t even seem bothered by it.

Consistently gamble regardless of consequences

In the previous point I pointed out that you when you are addicted to gambling, you will continue gambling even after your wife leaves you and you won’t seem much bothered by it. When you are addicted to gambling, you can’t stop even when something happens to you as a direct result of your betting activities. You will do anything to find money to put into your betting activities without thinking twice. Addicted gamblers lose a lot of money to gambling but they are never disturbed by it. they find excuses to tell themselves so that they can feel better.

Chasing your losses

Another big sign of betting addiction is chasing losses. When you are on your way to being addicted to gambling, you can’t let losses go. Instead, you do everything to try and get back the money you lost and the only way you do it is by betting even more. Eventually, your entire life becomes about chasing the money you last lost to betting. This can be a very miserable way of living, but if you are the gambler, you won’t even notice it. You will still engage in gambling as always without second thoughts or anything.

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