Signs You’re An ISTJ – The Most Common Personality Type

Before we begin, we would like to make a disclaimer that this video is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, which is just a theory and has personality types that are just rough tendencies rather than strict classifications. With that being said, let’s start this article!

Have you ever heard of Myers-Briggs Type Inventory? The MBTI is a theory that roughly classifies one’s personality based on a set of tendencies and behaviours. The emphasis should be placed on the word “roughly” since this theory cannot exactly pinpoint each person’s behaviour and tendencies due to the unique nature that each one of us have. However, although it is not exactly accurate, the MBTI can help you realise or notice things about your personality that not even you knew. It can be a good reference point to help you know yourself better, as well as make you engage in more self-reflection to determine whether the behaviour described in the MBTI can apply to you.

The MBTI classifies personalities into 16 categories (16Personalities, 2020). In this specific article, I will be addressing the most common personality type, the ISTJ, which is made up of approximately 13 percent of the population (Granneman, 2018). ISTJ stands for Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judgement, and people with this personality type are known as the “Detective” or “Logistician”. If you can relate to the signs that I will be discussing in this article, your personality type is likely to be ISTJ.

You do things right

A lot of people think that getting things right the first time is very hard but, are you someone who agrees with this way of thinking? As an ISTJ, you probably think the opposite of this. You are someone who likes to do things right, even if it’s the first time you’re doing it. A lot of people tend to put less effort into work they do for the first time and label it as a “draft”, but not you. You take all the time and energy necessary to complete a task as well as you possibly can (Granneman, 2018). And in the end, it is all worth it because you take a lot of pride in the work that you put out there.

You hate incompetence

How well do you cope with people who do things in a mediocre way? As an ISTJ, you can easily find the most logic and practical way to solve problems that are given to you. As such, you detest people who waste their time and dwell on ideas that are clearly not practical (Authentic Mental Health, 2019). When creating relationships, you prioritise competent people who can finish tasks on time in a logical and calm manner (Storm, 2020). Your hate of incompetence and desire to surround yourself with competent people can make you a highly respected leader who can form a team of people who operates very efficiently.

You remember facts and details of past experiences well

Do you have the ability to notice very subtle changes? As an ISTJ, you have the special gift of being able to remember small details and facts about the past (Storm, 2020). This ability to notice even the smallest details from past memories and experiences makes it so that you can notice changes and shifts, no matter how slight or small these are. For example, when you are talking with one of your friends, you might notice that their posture or body language has changed from their normal which can lead you to think that something is not right. Other good example is that you might notice changes in your environment that no one else notices such as a chair that moved into a different position, or even a portrait that is in a slightly different position from before.

You keep your word

Are you someone who keeps their promises even when circumstances change? ISTJs always keep their word. If you say you are going to do something, you do it, and similarly with promises (Authentic Mental Health, 2019). This personality trait makes you a very trustworthy and honest person since you do the things that you said you’d do even when it comes at a personal cost (Granneman, 2018). You despise dishonest and lazy people who make empty promises and just turn their backs to the responsibility that comes from making such remarks.

You show love through help, not words

How easily can you express your feelings to your loved ones? If you struggle with this and would rather show your love through actions and help, then this can be a big sign that you are an ISTJ. As an ISTJ, you would much rather show your love by working constantly and relentlessly to keep your relationships running smoothly, instead of making grand gestures or saying nice things (Granneman, 2018). This might give people the erroneous impression that you are emotionless or insensible. The truth is, you love people as much as others do, but you just show it in a different way.

You enjoy reliving your favourite memories

How much do you enjoy reminiscing? Although all personality types enjoy doing this, as an ISTJ, you have a very special affinity with reliving your favourite memories. Since you have the ability to recall even the smallest details from your memories, when reminiscing, you feel as if you’re really living in it and experiencing it all over again (Storm, 2020).

You put facts before personal feelings

How often do you choose to follow personal feelings over facts? ISTJs are known for their logical and realistic approach to life. So, if you are an ISTJ, you will rarely let personal feelings get in the way of facts. You choose to prioritise truth and facts over emotions because you know that personal feelings might be swayed easily (Storm, 2020). Of course, there will be exceptions when you choose to follow your emotions over facts, but these are rare. As mentioned before, this trait paired up with other ISTJ personality traits might make you seem like an insensible person.

To wrap this up, if you can relate with most of the signs that I have mentioned in the article, chances are that you have the ISTJ personality type. This personality type has predominant traits of being realistic, logical, and honest. Your ability to recall past experiences and facts, as well as your attention to detail, certainly fit the “Detective” title that people give to this personality type. Once again, this article is mostly based on the MBTI, which is just a theory that roughly classifies personality types based on general traits and behaviours. So, if there are traits that do not fit you, that’s okay, each and every one of us is unique in our ways.


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