Six Ways to Fight Depression

Six Ways to Fight Depression

At a certain point of our lives we have experienced a depression, in which we feel hopeless, sad and frustrated. Depression also affects our way of thinking and living. Whether it came from a specific reason, such as break-up, stress from school or work, or a sad event in your life. But there are some people who has no specific reason to point out why they feel depressed. And it’s totally okay, as someone who have been experiencing this kind of feeling for almost two years I came up to few things that helped me to get rid of depressed days.

1. Reach out to people and don’t isolate yourself

Some people may find being isolated is comfortable and, worry-free, they also think it is one of the ways to get rid of their depression, it is their way to escape from the pain or sadness that they feel. But study says isolating ourselves when we feel depressed can worsen the illness or how we feel. It didn’t really help with my situation, I thought I would feel better If I would take a break in any social contact, but it was not helpful at all. Reaching out can help a lot, having someone to talk to is one way to express your frustrations.

2. Learn a new language

One of the many things that depression can do to a person is to make you feel that you’re in trap, you have nowhere to go and no one is there for you, which will worsen the illness that you’re suffering. By learning a new language, it provides you a different view in the world and introduce you to a lot of opportunities and people. It also distracts you in having negative thoughts and may also help you to avoid being depressed.

3. Adopt pets

Having friends someone by your side doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs be a human only, pets can be our companion while we cope with our depression, anxiety or stress. Pets, especially dogs and cats can provide long term companionship, and they can reduce your depression and make you feel better when you are down since pets can interpret your emotions, body language and voice tone. My pets really helped me a lot when I’m feeling blue, they were one of the reason why I’m still here, they were my stress reliever and they took my worries away.

4. Listen to music

Music is not only a universal language, but it’s also one of the many things that can cure you. Music theraphy reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Based on the study that was conducted by American Music Theraphy Association, music theraphy can reduce muscle tension, increase self-esteem, decreased anxiety, enhance intrpersonal relationship and increase motivation. Music is indeed for universe, it does not only provide art but also healing.

5. Read or write poetry

This is the most effective way in my situation, poetry used to be my hobby only, but when I got into college and stressed ate me whole I found myself expressing my frustrations through writing. It lessen the pain and sadness that I’ve felt that time. And until, now I still use this way to avoid feeling blue.

6. Write five things that make you happy each day

My psychology professor used to tell us that in this way we will learn to appreciate little things, it can be a meme on social media, your neighbor’s puppy or just a simple compliment from your friends, that makes us happy, it will distract us from being sad and you will learn how to focus on the brighter side.

It will never be easy to fight an enemy that you cannot see, it will never be easy to have a battle on your own, but if you let people help you, you will never be alone in this battle.

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Coping with Depression

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