QUIZ: Are You in Lust or Love? Let’s Find Out!

Love and lust are two confusing feelings.It can be difficult to distinguish one from the other. You meet someone; you fall for them. Your hormones and emotions ring, but you got no clue if that’s a true love or just lust. Later on, the relationship might end fast without you even realizing what went wrong.

Which is why, answering these easy quick 20 questions may help you clarify your real feelings and identify your relationship. Check this fun quiz!

We’d like to disclaim that this quiz’s main purpose is entertainment and not self diagnosis.

  • Which characteristic are you mostly attracted to about your partner?

    • Their physical appearance
    • Their inside beauty
    • The way they treat me
  • When you want to describe them, what is the first thing you say?

    • They’re very hot and charming
    • They’re sweet, smart, kind and funny
    • All the above
  • How open are you with each other?

    • We tell each other almost everything
    • I prefer to keep my life private
    • I tell them the good stuff only to impress them
  • Do you think your partner is perfect or flawed?

    • They’re awesome and perfect!
    • Nobody’s perfect but they’re cute
    • Tons of flaws! But I love them
  • Which one goes beyond the others?

    • Physical intimacy
    • Emotional intimacy
    • Both
  • How often do you have real talk?

    • Always
    • Sometimes
    • Rarely
  • When you open up about your insecurities, how do you feel?

    • I feel comfortable sharing more
    • It irritates me and I change the subject quickly
    • I don’t want them to think I’m pessimistic
  • How do you spend most of your times together?

    • Restaurant, movie theater, parties
    • In bed, hotels, our places
    • Trying activities together and new hobbies
  • How much do you know about them?

    • Their name, body, job
    • Likes and dislikes, habits, insecurities, etc.
    • We’re still getting to know each other
  • How do you deal with your partner’s quirks?

    • I bury them in to let the relationship go
    • I tell them about it so we find a solution
    • I didn’t notice any annoying quirk yet
  • Do you feel committed to each other?

    • Yes, very loyal
    • We’re open
    • We’re taking it slow
  • How do you spend your time outside?

    • We meet once a week, each time a new place
    • We’ve been to tons of places, we hang outside a lot. It’s fun!
    • Only their place or mine. We’re busy people
  • Can you imagine only them being in your life, once and for all?

    • Yes, I want only them in my life
    • Maybe, I hope so
    • I’m not sure…
  • If you have to choose between these 2, which one would it be?

    • Their physical appearance
    • Their humor, passion, and love
    • All the above
  • Do you make future plans together?

    • Yes! We have plans for next year
    • Yes, I will see them next week at their place
    • Yes, next month we are going on a trip together
  • How long are your conversations?

    • Very long we talk all night
    • Few times throughout the day
    • 2- Ugh, an hour max
  • Do you share a lot of things in common?

    • Yes we like same food, music, and life style
    • No I think we’re different
    • Yes, pretty much
  • Do you share same life goals?

    • Yeah we’re already taking same path
    • Yes, I think we are
    • Not exactly, but isn’t it unique?
  • Would you like to meet each other’s families?

    • Sure! I’d love to
    • I think that’s a big step
    • Maybe in few months
    • I already met their parents
  • Finally, are you best friends?

    • Yes, closest friends ever!
    • They’re a nice friend
    • Um, I have better friends

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