Quiz: Do You Have Technophobia? Test Yourself

Technophobia is a constant anxiety or exaggerated fear of technological devices such as phones and computers. When a person has this type of phobia, they will try their best to avoid getting in contact with technology. Do you feel you do the same? Do you struggle coping with this world’s speed? Answer the following easy 17 questions to find out!



  • : How active are you on social media?

    • I don’t use it at all
    • I’m somewhat active
    • I’m addicted!
  • Do you fear using devices such as your phone or computer?

    • Always
    • Little bit
    • Not at all
  • What does the exposure to a lot technology do to you?

    • Anxiety and panic attack
    • It stresses me out
    • It fascinates me
  • Do you imagine a sudden explosion might happen?

    • Yes! Big time
    • No, that’s so exaggerating
  • How do you feel while taking an escalator or elevator?

    • Nervous. I prefer stairs
    • I like them better than stairs
  • Do you avoid using advanced technology for a presentation or research?

    • Yes, always
    • Sometimes
    • No, never
  • Do you prefer using papers or screens?

    • I use papers and books only
    • I like a mix of both
    • I like screens, they are more functional
  • Do you believe the world was better without technology?

    • Yes, I wish I belonged to a previous era
    • No, technology is amazing
  • What would you do if a virus or a problem happened to your device?

    • I would start shaking and be out of breath
    • I’d stress out
    • I’d try to solve the problem
  • How long have you been experiencing this fear?

    • Since my first interaction with a technological device
    • Just a while ago because of a marked incident
    • Never
  • Do you criticize technological changes and implementations?

    • Yes, always
    • No, I find them cool
  • Did you ever study or work in a field related to technology? Ex: computer science

    • No, I prefer not
    • Yes, for a short time and it was terrible
    • Yes, very interesting
  • Are you curious about the constant updates, new technology releases and brands’ names?

    • No not at all
    • I try to stay updated
    • Yes! very
  • If you are given unlimited electronic devices gift cards, how many would you buy?

    • Everything!
    • Only what is necessary
    • I’d give the gift cards away
  • How would you generally describe yourself while using advanced electrical home appliances?

    • Angry, out of control, stressed, extremely concentrated
    • Maybe stressed a bit
    • Comfortable, calm
  • How do you prefer to withdraw money?

    • Human cashier, it’s safer
    • ATM Machine, it’s quicker
  • Finally, do you think you have Technophobia?

    • Yes
    • No

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