So…What Exactly Do Women Do When They Go To The Restroom Together?

why-girls-go-to-the-toilet-together-1I popped my double date virginity a few months ago and within that span of three hours, my girlfriend and I excused ourselves to go to the restroom together at least five times. The guys definitely noticed and kept asking: “So what the hell do you girls do in the restroom together anyway? Why do you guys have to go in groups?”

Men, I’m here to aid you in equipping why it is that women must have these odd 10 minute restroom fixations with their girlfriends.

Everyone knows girls do more than the natural necessary in the restroom. We touch up our makeup, fix our hair and do what’s necessary for us to leave the restroom better looking than we appeared when we entered it. This is regardless of if we go solo or in a group. The restroom is a very sacred place for a woman.

Aside from doing the above, we’re also talking about our dates: you know: “What do you think of so and so? How are you feeling? Was he not acting weird earlier? Are you into him?” Regardless of whether or not she is a gossiper or socializer, at least one of the gals WILL ask some sort of question in regards to the details of the date. It’s inevitable. and provide five solid reasons why women collectively use the restroom together:

1) Gossip: Women are natural social butterflies and enjoy doing activities with other girlfriends. It’s a natural tendency for us to accompany a girlfriend when she is going to the restroom (just for the heck of it). From shopping sprees at the outlet mall to girl’s night out at the bar, women just love to be together in groups. Being in a group of other girlfriends allow us to be verbally expressive. Likewise, in the restroom, women have the opportunity to talk about what’s happening outside of those doors.

2) Second Opinion: Regardless of how independent and secure a woman is, she’ll always value an opinion of another girlfriend. We like to validate our hair, makeup and outfit decisions and if it’s necessary, touch it up. Asking a man for validation isn’t as helpful; men are naturally not as attentive to these things as women are.

3) Protection:  Women are more prone to being victims of dangerous situations since they are more fragile and smaller than man. If women do activities in groups (walk to the car, go to the club, walk home from school, etc.), they’ll be less likely to be attacked than if they were to go solo. Same scenario for the restroom: women like to go in groups to feel safe. Believe it or not, I’ve actually witnessed physical fights in the women’s restroom! Really insane and immature… but it happens…

4) To get away from someone: If a woman doesn’t accompany the other women to the restroom, she will be left alone at the table as the only female. Therefore, the options are: a) stand/sit awkwardly around, avoid eye contact and desperately think of something to say or b) go to the restroom and avoid being the only female who has to make small talk. (I don’t really agree with this reason, but that’s mainly because I don’t have a problem making small talk).

5) To confuse males: Women sometimes enjoy getting a rise out of men and confusing them with their oddly mysterious ways. Women are well aware that guys theorize about secret bathroom meetings and question what secrets we’re sharing in there (I witness this first hand on my double date). Women bathroom meetings are like a secret garden that men are forbidden to enter.

Men: Even after reading all these reasons, do you still find it foolish for women to collectively utilize the restroom together? Women: Do you find yourself always accompanying your girls to the restroom or do you just ride solo?





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