Space For Creativity: What Makes The Ideal Home Office For Freelancers

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Many would think we are in an era of laziness where an employer prefers to sit at home to work rather than go to a physical office, but truth be told; a freelancer who works from home might have a more strenuous and productive day than most employees working in the office. 

An average worker is allowed to work 8 hours a day and 40 hours in a week, but a freelancer, depending on his contract; he can choose to work for more than 8 hours in a day and more than 40 hours in a week; this is for the freelancer and his client to decide.

To effectively carry out these tasks, you need to create a conducive working environment for yourself.

Things That Make The Ideal Home Office

1. Lighting

Natural light provides a colorful beautification of your home office, which does not affect your sight; rather, it aids your vision and moods. Studies have shown that low lighting can affect moods, which can reflect in your work, and bad work might lead to query, and a query does no good to your reputation at work.

Artificial lighting is needed in your home office as well since the season changes; some days, it might be cloudy, some days, it might be shiny. Or you might need to work at night if that works for you. Some freelancers are productive at night when everything is cool and quiet, while some love their sleep dearly and would prefer to work during the day. 

Artificial lighting can also help in case of an outage emergency. To protect your sight, you will need to work in the proper position to place the artificial bulb.

2. Equipment

As a freelancer, you need hands on all writing tools; either a laptop or mobile phone, internet connection. You need to prepare for emergencies, so getting wireless equipment might save you a lot of stress.  You could work with more than one laptop just in case you need to attend a zoom meeting and keep working simultaneously.

For many freelancers who spend more than 8 hours working, you might need to work out equipment in your home office to ease the stress and to keep getting healthier and fit. Sitting for long hours has been said to have disastrous effects on the body, so you can save yourself the agony of having health issues by working out right after your work.

3. Layout

The arrangement of your home office is totally dependent on you. You need to have the equipment and tools for your work close to you, so you don’t have to get up from your seat whenever you need them. You could opt for chairs and desks with a lot of drawers to keep essential writing tools.

You can also get the service of a home remodeling contractor to help with the layout in case you are not good with it, or you have a lot on your hand. They will help you with a perfect office design to make you feel the vibes of an office.

4. Privacy

No one likes disturbance when working; it creates negative energy around work and causes distraction. Privacy is the reason why most freelancers prefer to use coworking spaces rather than their homes. You literally have no right to control the number of delivery boys knocking on your neighbors’ door to deliver pizza.

Coworking spaces offer premium privacy since all freelancers will be allocated a working space. Depending on what you want, you can choose to have colleagues or have a whole office to yourself, provided you can pay extra bucks.

Aside from privacy, you need safety; those security officials you have at your office have one role; to protect you, cars, equipment, and the documents at work. Coworking spaces offer this, too. The coworking space manager and the security personnel provide security and support for all registered freelancers who use the space.


The era of freelancing started a long time ago, but the pandemic made it even more popular. Now, we have companies that offer their full-time worker a work-from-home offer without reducing their salaries. 

Working from home can be tiring and boring, especially if you require you to sit all day long; mood swings and distractions might creep in, and in order to avoid that, you might need to mimic some office designs to make your home a perfect home office for yourself.

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