Spring is Here: Brighten Up Your Home and Mood

During long, cold winter days, we tend to get lazy and neglect both the interior and the exterior of our home. Luckily, springtime comes with more daylight and warmer temperatures, improving our willingness to get out of the house, and also make some home improvements.

The problem always seems to be where to start. You can carry out a few little remodeling projects that can go on either simultaneously or one by one, depending on how much time you have available. Here are some projects we suggest with their code names. Make sure to decode each one to find out how to make your home the brightest of them all!

Paint until you faint

Repainting is the first thing that comes to mind as a possible home improvement idea. Take down those dark and snowy colors and replace them with vibrant, bright greens, reds and yellows. Not only do these colors look fabulous as wall paint, but they also have a significant psychological effect by improving your mood and making you feel more joyful.
Another perk of repainting in the springtime is the adequate temperature. Most painting materials work perfectly in warm spring periods, because there is less moisture to interfere with the paint sticking well. Paint also dries faster in the warm weather. Repainting all rooms at once can be inconvenient and impractical, which is why you should consider taking a few weekends off for this job and inviting some friends to help you.

View from the front

There’s nothing like spending a day in the front yard with the warm, relaxing spring sun leaning gently on your face. However, in order to get the most of this experience, you should prepare your front yard for any possible issues that can make it less enjoyable. Pergolas are perfect additions that are both great style elements and practical protectors from the sun and rain. Planting new, colorful flowers is also a great idea to freshen up your front yard.
Don’t forget the entryway. A smoothly arranged concrete path would be the best if you want to avoid muddy steps in the house. Also, nothing works well without a fabulous door to knock on. Reliable entrance doors increase a home’s value and protect your home from possible break-ins. Ugly, outdated or damaged doors can easily ruin the whole impression of one’s home, which is why a new front door can sometimes be the best investment.

A fresh place for meals

Kitchens somehow always end up on the end of remodeling lists, which is a completely wrong way to go. The kitchen is a place in the house where you spend many hours of your week, prepare food, and (if you don’t have a separate dining room) also eat. For a healthy meal, you need your kitchen to be well equipped and sterile.
You can start by cleaning the kitchen cabinets, appliances and countertops. The corners are especially tricky because dirt, mildew and bug nests can accumulate here. It’s also important to consider energy-efficient appliances to save up to 50% of energy and water in the kitchen. Think of functionality, and your kitchen investment certainly won’t go to waste.

Window, window on the wall

Finally, don’t forget to let some light in. After a long period of winter dark, wash all your curtains and try to keep them wide open. But, now you can notice that your windows may have gone rotten due to the cold temperatures, frost and snow. When it comes to window repair, think about energy-efficient solutions, too. Don’t wait for the last moment to add a completely new set of windows to your home, because the sooner you make this investment, the longer it will last. Quality windows can save homeowners a lot of money alternately spent on heating and cooling, and the estimates go up to 60%-90% return on this investment.

Before you take on any of these remodeling projects, do a thorough check of your home and see whether there are more urgent matters to attend to. Frosts can easily damage plumbing areas, roofs, ceilings and chimneys. Check for any possible leakages, damages or malfunctions. After you’ve got that covered, feel free to experiment with colors and light for the best spring remodeling results.

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