Stay Safe and Healthy at Home – Virtual Personal Training

Just a few decades back, working out at home was boring and then the technology came. At first, people working out at home used VHS tapes with aerobics taped on them and they followed such routines to stay in shape. This was slightly changed and replaced with YouTube videos of various types of training, from yoga to high-intensity workouts, but those are all a bit impersonal. They are simply not motivating enough since you can close the tab and be done with it.


Luckily, personal trainers and fitness gurus kept on improving their skills and services, and today you can have your own personal training and workout made just for use if you rely on virtual personal training or virtual fitness. However, you will need some equipment and gear at home in order to get started with these and choose from an array of classes and workout plans.


The Tech Equipment

Before you book your first virtual personal training, you want to check if you have everything needed to workout without problems. There are some basics that you probably already have, and there are some advanced pieces of gear that you can use if you want to upgrade your comfort of working out at home. But, let’s start with the basics.


A Computer

Most virtual fitness classes don’t require any special and fancy tech gear if you want to participate. For example, for classes such as Alignment Yoga, Zumba, Beyond Stretch, and many others, all you need is a computer. Virtual personal training is usually pre-recorded but they are interactive and you can easily stream the class and talk to coaches and other members of the class through your laptop, provided that it has a mic.


A Smart TV

If it’s more comfortable for you to stream the virtual fitness class on your TV, it would have to be a smart one. However, you can easily hook up your laptop to the non-smart TV via HDMI cable and use the TV as a screen for your workout needs. It’s that simple and you get to follow your favorite workout routine in front of a big screen.


A Stable Internet Connection

For those of you who would love to join a live stream and train as a group with other people from your home, you will need a stable internet connection. It goes without saying that you probably have it, but if the Wi-Fi has been wonky lately you might want to switch to the LAN cable and insert it in your computer. This way, you will be sure that Wi-Fi won’t lose connection and that your live virtual training won’t be cut short.


Smartphone or a Tablet

Most virtual personal training can be accessed through our smaller devices, such as smartphones and tablets. If you feel more comfortable in front of a smaller screen, or you need to use the camera as well for interaction and checkups with the coach, feel free to stream on your phone or tablet.

Advanced Gadgets That You Will Love

Besides the basic gear that you probably already have at home, there are some gadgets and apps that can help you enjoy your home workout even more.


Activity Trackers

There are various different gadgets that can help you track your activity during workouts. Some such gadgets are certainly wearable heart rate monitors that can track your heartbeat and help adjust the intensity of the workout to your fitness level. Fitbit is one of such useful gadgets and it can help you monitor your activity and easily improve your cardio.


Intelligent Yoga Mat

An intelligent yoga mat could become your best friend for doing your virtual yoga classes. What is more, it can track your progress and recommend programs based on your goals and abilities and it can help you become better. The intelligent yoga mat also has built-in pressure sensors which can help you improve your posture and skills in real-time, and it can communicate with your phone or other devices to track your progress.


Smart Rope

Rope jumping is always a great exercise to be incorporated into your routine, and even your virtual coach may recommend something like that. However, instead of pretending to jump a rope or use an ordinary one, you can use a smart rope. With it, you will always know how many times you’ve jumped, as it tracks them, your total workout time and calories burnt are also tracked and everything simply becomes slightly more fun.


Smart Dumbbells

Every successful virtual fitness class involves lifting some weights. However, if you don’t have a bunch of dumbbells lying around or you simply don’t have enough room for sets and sets of them, you can rely on smart ones. These can track and record all of your sets and reps, as well as the amount of weight you’re lifting. Plus, you can easily hook these up to your smartphone and let them sync automatically for better tracking.


Smart Scale

The iHealth Core has a great scale that is more than just a means of weighing yourself. The smart scale can provide accurate body results, including your BMI, body fat, muscle mass and more. This type of scale can be quite useful in your virtual training because you cannot physically meet your coach. But with the information provided by this scale, you can help you and your coach come up with a perfect workout plan and personalized training that will help you the desired results in the shortest amount of time.

During the self-isolation measurements, many people can’t go to their gyms for a workout. That is why more and more people are opting for home workouts but those can become boring. One of the greatest technological solutions is virtual fitness classes where you can have personalized training individually or in a group. It’s just like going to the regular gym class, but you’re staying safe and healthy at home. So, gear up and start working out!

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