Who Is The Most Stupid Here? Each Of Your Choices Can Reveal A Part Of Your Personality

Each of your choices can reveal a part of your personality.

Look at the picture, which of these four do you think is the most stupid?


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  1. No 4 is smartest, he wants to isolate from toxic sorroundings, No 3 is typical corpo-race-rat willing to eliminate his competition, No 1 has agreed with his fate, he has seen enough. In my opinion most stupid person is No 2- He’s cutting out an old, experienced man, who can help him to get out from difficult situation while being in such.

  2. in my opinion it’s number 3. If I see the pattern, All the people will fall down except the number 3. He will alone. And his friends together find the way out. I know my reason maybe too weird.. but, that’s why everybody is unique!

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