A Thank You Note To The Extrovert From The Introvert

To all the extroverts out there who are dear friends of introverts: This is for you. Because we may not always voice our love and appreciation for you like you do us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t feel it.

Thank you for all the times you’re okay with just relaxing at home with us instead of going out. You might often feel the want to hang out with others as well, and it means a lot that you can also just be with us. It’s really the main thing we want out of our friendship.

Thank you for all the times you support us when we do go out. If it’s by making sure we’re comfortable and included in conversation without doing much talking, or simply just letting us go home when we feel drained. It’s awesome. Cheers.

Thank you for not making us feel childish when we need your support in social situations. We’re supposed to be adults and all that but, we’re just not always that great with them, and often not a fan of them. Knowing you don’t mind helping us out and are accepting of us really does mean the world to us. (We’ll be waiting to help you out when you go through all that drama most of us introverts seem to magically dodge).

Thank you for sharing our passion for certain hobbies with us and let us go on and on about them. We don’t have much juicy gossip to share so it’s appreciated that you can sit through a session of us passionately talking about something we spend a lot of our time thinking about.

Thank you for making us feel brave. Thanks to you, we’ve probably done a lot of things we never dreamt of doing. Whether it’s traveling or attending certain events or meeting new people we now consider close friends, there’s a chance you somehow encouraged the first step. You persuade us to go places and talk to people and though it drains us, it can also make us feel wonderful. (Just don’t expect to hear too much from of us the following days).

Thank you for helping us make tough decisions. We can spend a lifetime analyzing choices, small and big, but you tend to spell it out for us pretty quickly and want to get to a solution. Sometimes our intuitive isn’t very strong, and you’re happy to offer a voice from the outside.

Thank you for showing us a more light-hearted way of living. Hearing you talk about life or just watching you in situations can be mind-blowing. Sometimes we’re not impressed by it, but there are many times we find it inspiring too. You can make us laugh at things we normally overthink and worry about. Being in our heads so much, it can be refreshing to kind of snap out of it and not overanalyze.

Thank you for being different to us. We really give and take in our friendship and we appreciate our differences because of what we have to offer the other. But also thank you for being similar to us in all the right ways, meeting me in the middle where we can both be ourselves to the full extent.

Thank you for trying to understand us when we don’t even open our mouths to talk to you. We don’t mean to keep things from you but we, by instinct, don’t share things so openly like you do.

Last but not least, thank you for accepting us when we are fully ourselves with you. You’re one of only a few people who see this side of us, so it means we trust you with ourselves and can be one hundred percent comfortable. I think that says it all, really.

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