The 12 Disturbing Sleep Disorders


Sleep is a valuable commodity to us. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in our daily routine that we forget to let our bodies recharge and regenerate. But what if even in the land of REM, we still get disturbed and we still don’t get enough rest? It’s not an uncommon thing nowadays when a person will express their difficulty in sleeping and the distress they experience when they lack the hours. And it is a growing health concern at the moment that people don’t get enough sleep because of its adverse effects when a person lacks sleep.

Loss in concentration and having a hard time doing things that require concentration (such as driving), remembering things, and performing work in general have been cited as some of the effects that a person has when they lack sleep. While common disorders such as insomnia are common among us, despite this, there are more severe and strange sleep disorders that people have, and listed here are 12 disorders that affect sleep!

  1. REM Behavior Disorder


When the body is in REM, the brain releases a series of commands that allow the body to be paralyzed, so as to prevent any sudden movement where the person might be in danger (Phillips, 2014). There are cases, however that the brain doesn’t signal the body enough, and sometimes abnormal activities occur during sleep (Pappas, 2011). These activities are called Parasomnias. And the most general parasomnia is this disorder (Myers, n.d.).

It’s already a common phenomenon when a person talks in their sleep. Sometimes, the brain doesn’t properly signal the body to stay still during REM sleep, which also means not paralyzing the body while we’re unconscious (Pappas, 2011).  People would act out their dreams, which can cause harm to themselves or a sleeping partner if their dreams are particularly violent (Myers, n.d.). When they wake up, they would remember the dream, but would have no recollection of acting it out.

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