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The Best Strains for Fighting Depression

Depression affects over 16 million people in the USA every year, and that is just the reported cases. Many of us suffer at some point in our lives with feelings of depression, and people are constantly looking for things that can help. Many people are waking up to the impact that different strains of Cannabis can have for the impact on their depression.

Many of the strains out there are high in CBD content. The two main components are CBD and THC. CBD can have a relaxing effect as well as anti-inflammatory properties and has helped many people with mental health problems. THC is what can cause feelings of euphoria and the real highs that people can have when they smoke Marijuana. Some people take CBD separately, as this can be extracted from hemp and cannabis products.

Some strains are bound to be better than others, and there are strains which may not be recommended if you haven’t taken Cannabis for your depression before. The below strains are recommended for people new to the substance as well as those who have taken it before.



Harlequin has a brilliantly mellow mix between THC and CBD. There is roughly the same amount of both in this particular strain of Cannabis. The impact it will have on mood tends to be quite a mellow and relaxing. Because Harlequin has some much CBD in it, it can help with a lot of other symptoms that you might be struggling with as a result of depression. It can help with anxiety and other physical pain symptoms you might be going through. Due to the fact that it has high CBD, it can be a good strain for those who haven’t tried smoking Cannabis before for their depression.




XJ-13 is another popular Marijuana strain. It is very good for people with depression due to the fact that it doesn’t cause any feelings of paranoia which some people may struggle with. The pleasant smell that this creates is amazing for helping feel relaxed and even has an impact similar to incense at the same time as smoking.


This isn’t too heavy, and it can give a very mellow experience. The strain is known for improving peoples creativity and encouraging hours upon hours of good conversation.


Lavender OG


Lavender OG is a very relaxing strain which gives a huge high and also a ‘tranquilizing’ effect. It doesn’t mean you will feel incapacitated, merely extremely relaxed and high. It is an indica strain and has a sweet and piney scent. It is often used by people suffering from physical pain as well as those who have mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Lavender OG is not particularly overwhelming for people who are new to smoking or vaping with Cannabis to treat their depression.


OG Kush


OG Kush is a very well known strain of Cannabis which has a reputation for being extremely mellow. The highs are not too high, it is just a very relaxing experience which is very helpful for those who are likely to get depressed or anxious.

It has a good way of reducing the stresses that you may be experiencing, and can also provide relief if people suffer from headaches. If you have ADHD or other attention-based issues then it can also help you to gain focus. Most people associate this with being uplifting and also providing energy for the people who take it which is not something every strain can offer. If you often feel tired afterward then this might be worth trying.


Pineapple Express


It definitely helps the popularity of a strain when a Hollywood film is based on it! The Pineapple Express strain is very well known for its ability to create a relaxed and long-lasting high. However, it is also known for giving energy, meaning that it can complement your lifestyle even if you have quite a busy day-to-day life.

Pineapple Express is amazing for creativity and leaves most users feeling ready to take on all sorts of creative endeavors and chat for many hours. If you find creativity to be a good outlet for your depression, the hard-hitting and long-lasting effects of Pineapple Express might be for you. Some people do experience some paranoia as a result of taking it, so this is one thing to watch out for. Pineapple Express may not be best for beginners.



It is worth keeping in mind that everyone is affected in slightly different ways, but the characteristics of Cannabis strains come from the consensus of people who take them. These strains are well known as being some of the best for treating depression and also having a positive impact on other mental and physical health problems.

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Written by Lilly Myers

Lilly Myers is a freelance content writer and social worker at Beverly Hills Speech Therapy. She has just recently received Master's in Medical Sciences. Besides her occupancy she tries to find a spare time for volunteering and helping the people with disorders.

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