The Different Types of Dedicated Servers

The number of different types of dedicated servers in existence today can be overwhelming, especially if you need to choose which one to use. There is virtually anything, ranging from cheap to standard dedicated servers to high-performance and enterprise-quality servers that are needed for scientific computations and big data analytics. How you should choose from these many types of servers will highly depend on what you need the server for. In this article, I will be looking at some of the most common types of dedicated servers to choose from.

Cheap dedicated servers

Dedicated servers have been around like forever in the world of web hosting, slightly after shared hosting servers were invented. Dedicated servers were introduced because of the various problems inherent in shared hosting. When web hosting first came into existence and webmasters started to achieve traffic levels that made it impossible to have multiple websites residing on one server, the need for dedicated hosting was born. It was thought that cheap dedicated servers were the best solution to this problem.

Today, cheap dedicated servers remain to be a reserve for small to medium-sized businesses, developers, startups, and individuals. Big corporations have bigger needs that cannot be fully met by the kind of computing power that these servers have to offer. You can find these servers at costs as low as 50 dollars a month.

Standard dedicated server

Standard dedicated servers offer more performance and build compared to cheap dedicated servers. These servers are best for startups or small to medium-sized enterprises that can no longer be hosted on shared servers. You will find these kinds of servers at business-class data centers and cloud companies. Monthly costs for these servers can easily double that of their cheap counterparts. These servers can be configured to your specific needs easily and offer the ability for increasing RAM, bandwidth allocation, hard drives, and operating system. When in need of these kinds of servers Australia should be your preferred destination. It doesn’t matter where you are located because they accommodate both local and international clients.

Enterprise dedicated server

Enterprise dedicated servers are the kind of servers that large businesses use. These servers come with the top of the range hardware and performance. These servers are also the latest versions that are currently in production by most major computer manufacturers. These servers are usually built to offer you maximum availability, performance, and reliability. They also offer the highest level of customization of RAM, RAID, SDD/HDD, and CPU. Depending on the provider you choose to use, you may also be offered various connectivity options such as dedicated or blended internet access, cloud direct connects, firewalls, IP addresses, and many mores.

The last category of servers is high-performance dedicated servers which are mostly used for big data analytics and scientific computations. These servers are built for machine learning and artificial intelligence because of the kind of power they possess. Most of these servers are produced by most major manufacturers and they have different pros and cons associated with them so be careful in your choosing.

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