The Effect of Orthodontic Intervention on Mental Health: Alternatives to Braces

Invisible aligners are used to treat mild to moderate orthodontic problems in a discreet manner. Correcting your teeth arrangement with invisible aligners is a process that involves wearing a clear and thin plastic replica of your teeth that has been designed using a computer program.

Usually after every two weeks, you will be required to change your aligner based on your dentist’s recommendation. Each new set of aligners will adjust your teeth by applying a required pressure level following your dentist’s plan. You can easily change your aligners by yourself. You are only required to visit with your dentist every six to eight weeks for adjustment appointments.

Let’s look at a number of reasons why invisible aligners may be a better option for adjusting your teeth than traditional braces.

  • Virtually Invisible: 

Invisible aligners are designed in such a way as to minimize the appearance of the device while discreetly helping you achieve a straight smile. The trays of invisible aligners that are used to help straighten your teeth are made of a thin transparent digitally designed thermoplastic material. You can put them on your teeth and people will barely notice you have anything on.

Braces on the other hand are very conspicuous. Even though more discreet options have been created (like braces that go behind the teeth, braces that are tooth-colored, etc.), other parts that make the braces still remain visible (like the wires). Braces are quite unsightly, no matter how you choose to look at them.

  • Very Comfortable: 

As expected, since the trays of the invisible aligners will be mounting pressure on your teeth in order to put them in their proper places, you will initially feel a certain amount of discomfort.

However, with time, this discomfort soon disappears as you get accustomed to the trays. The pressure braces mount on your teeth is more than that of invisible aligners. As a result, invisible aligners come with a higher level of comfort compared to braces.

  • No Food Restrictions: 

Since invisible aligners can be easily removed, whenever you need to eat hard, chewy, crunchy, or sticky food, all you need to do is to remove the trays from your mouth. When you’re done eating, you clean your teeth and fix them back in.

On the other hand, braces are required to be stuck in your teeth for a long time, so you don’t have the luxury of removing them whenever you want to eat things like nuts, candy, apples, chips, hard-crusted bread and more.

When you eat these foods while wearing traditional braces, you risk breaking the brackets or damaging wires of the braces. If you cannot live with the food restrictions attached to traditional braces, just opt for invisible aligners which give you the liberty to eat what you like.

  • Easier To Clean: 

Cleaning your teeth is easy with invisible aligners. You can properly brush your teeth and floss after you remove the aligners and pop them back in when you are done.

Cleaning your teeth with invisible aligners is really no different than when you had not yet started using the aligners. And in the instance that food gets stuck in your aligners, you can easily remove them and clean them as well.

With braces, it becomes very difficult to remove any trapped food particles and this can often cause buildup of plaque and tooth decay over time. Why risk developing tooth decay when there is a better option, like using clear teeth aligners instead?

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  • No Pokey Edges: 

A unique advantage invisible aligners have over metallic braces is the safety they come with.

Invisible aligners are simply a virtual model of your teeth made with plastic and they pose no threat of poking you or cutting your gums since the trays are designed in such a way that they rub smoothly against your gums.

Braces on the other hand are made of metallic brackets attached to the teeth and interconnected by wires. These wires can cause injuries in the mouth especially when you are attempting to clean your teeth or when you eat certain foods as the wires may pop at these times.

  • Helps You Maintain a Bright Smile: 

It is important to note that you should avoid taking drinks that contain acid, sugar, or both when you have your aligners on, as this can cause teeth staining and tooth decay in the long run.

Thankfully, you can always easily remove your invisible aligners and after taking your sweet drinks, clean your teeth, and place your aligners back on, thus, maintaining the whiteness of your teeth.

Teeth staining is a concern with traditional braces. Teeth discoloration is often noticed on the spot where the braces were when it is eventually removed. The stains are usually difficult to clean since the braces have been on that spot for a very long time. This is why you should consider using invisible aligners over teeth braces.


The above reasons and more are why a lot of people are opting for invisible aligners over traditional braces. Be sure to talk to your dentist to know the best treatment plan for your teeth adjustment. 

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