The Effects of Matchmaking in the Technology Age

Stories about people’s love lives seem to be ones of extremes in this day and age. Either a couple has been dating since high school managing to stay together through college and job searches as they transition into adulthood, or individuals are stalled in the romance department seemingly unable to meet anyone compatible.

Whether it’s the hectic pace trying to focus on establishing a career or the increasing emphasis on social media versus social interaction, more and more people are turning to services to help intervene in their search for love. Online dating sites or apps immediately come to mind, with websites tailored to specific preferences like biracial dating or age ranges that can help eliminate much of the wasted effort. However, another niche that’s gaining popularity is professional matchmaking.

While the concept of matchmaking isn’t entirely alien to most people, the fact that it’s becoming so prevalent may come as a surprise. There are examples throughout history and various cultures where families relied on wise or revered members of the community to pair up the ideal couple, whether based on love or convenience. Informal matchmakers still abound, as friends and acquaintances continue to introduce singles to each other. Some people believe they have a knack for pairing up the perfect couple while dating sites continue to hone in on refining their algorithms based on similar principles and values to match up suitable partners.

Whether the dating scene hasn’t been successful, online or otherwise, or the clientele is merely searching for a more exclusive and personalized experience, matchmakers offer another possibility for singles looking to enter into a meaningful relationship. Matchmakers are considerably more expensive than dating websites that are free or have nominal fees, but many are willing to invest in the additional services they offer.

While the cost and nature of this assistance can vary widely, typically, clients can expect more targeted matches based on in-depth interviews and discussions with the matchmaker. Unsuccessful dates aren’t necessarily a bust during this process since matchmakers can build on the additional detail gleaned from those interactions. Matchmakers can also offer coaching and feedback to help singles on their journey.

Busy singles are starting to seek out professional matchmakers more and more since they have limited time to search on their own and go on dates with multiple individuals to find a love connection. There’s an expectation for matchmakers to vet candidates in order to substantially reduce those less than fruitful social engagements. Matchmakers will have insight into what both parties want and be aware of nuances that online communication can’t detect.

There’s an undeniable compulsion that draws humans to form relationships, and people will go to almost any lengths to find that special someone. The technology era has created an environment where it can be increasingly challenging to meet people, but it has also offered solutions to help bring people together. If traditional means or online dating sites aren’t proving successful, and you’re willing to invest money to get an expert to lay the groundwork by offering advice and finding potential mates suited to your personality, matchmaking is a viable alternative.

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