The Restroom Quiz: Which Stall You Choose Accurately Reveals Your Personality

You go into a restroom and there are NINE urinals/cubicles, all available. Which one would you choose, from left to right?

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    1. The door I assume is on the left, cubicle one is the first from the door and 9 the last

    2. Exactly the first thing i thought. But then i reasoned that the far corner has a similar look to the entrances of most public toilets.

  1. Everyone knows this is bs. When you’re a woman, you search out the stall that has toilet paper/isn’t stopped up. THAT’s the stall you pick. Nothing to do with what number stall it is.

  2. I chose the 4th door from the left (because I read left to right) and it was closely Me 🤣😂💀 I’m a libra and all about balance and inner peace and my results were:
    “You are cautious!
    You are cautious, moderate, balanced. You refrain from going to extremes and generally want to feel safe. Safety and stability are very important to you. You always think twice before speaking or making a decision. You always stay neutral in tough situations, dislike confrontation and will avoid rocking the boat during conflict. You are in touch with what’s really important to you, and that is inner peace.”
    I’m not as cautious as the post says but the rest is exactly me

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