10 Types Of Toxic People In Your Life And How to Deal With Them

A shocking conclusion has been drawn over the last few years: Toxic people are not good for you. It sounds wild, right? Who would have guessed that negative people would bring negative energy and influences into your life? If you’ve been having issues with someone, or have been feeling down and can’t quite figure out why, toxic people may be the cause. Toxic people can fly under your radar. You might not know you’re even dealing with one until their ugly side starts to come out. Oftentimes these people seem sweet and nice in passing, waiting (consciously or not) until they’re more deeply involved in your life to cause havoc. Worried you might have some toxic energy around you? Read on and see if these descriptions match up with anyone you know. Knowing what the issue is is the first step to fixing it, after all!

1. Gossipers

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Sure, we all love to hear about the latest news. We want to celebrate our friends’ accomplishments, and mourn their losses as a means of support. It seems innocent and sweet on the outside, but it can quickly turn vicious. Gossipers will spread secrets, and sometimes lies, in an effort to make themselves feel more knowledgeable and powerful. Don’t listen to these folks, and instead get your information from people directly. It’s always better to ask “Hey, how are you doing?” than “Hey, did you hear about Jane?”

2. Victims

You consider yourself a good person for helping your friends who fall into misfortune. Ideally your friends will in turn help you when you fall into misfortune. But if there’s someone who seems to take, take, take your support more than they give it, you might be dealing with a Victim. These people make every molehill into a mountain, and can never quite seem to take responsibility for things. Being around someone who’s constantly in crisis is tiring. We recommend you put your energy into people who return your favours, not people who whine.

3. Imposers

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Similar to Victims, these people impose their negative energy and pessimism wherever they go. They could be at Disneyland and still would point out the fact that the lines are long and their feet hurt. Having this energy in your life makes it impossible to breed happiness and optimism; we recommend you cut these people out ASAP, before you become a carrier for all this negative emotion.

4. Enviers

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These people whine and whine about how much better other people have it. They don’t want to tear those people down, but they are blind to their own fortune due to their envious greed. They always want what others have; they’re the type to steal significant others, yearn for success in a field that isn’t even their specialty, and want the bigger wedding cake (even if they aren’t getting married). Keep these people away from your happiness and success, or else they’ll try to steal that too.

5. Manipulators

We just published an article about 10 different types of emotional manipulators that goes more in depth about this topic. These people are the ones who will twist, blackmail, and use you mercilessly. Once you identify an emotional manipulator, it’ll serve you best to get rid of them quickly… Before they get you too wrapped around their little fingers.

6. Egocentrics

If you’ve ever come across someone whose favourite discussion subject is themselves, you’ve found an egocentric. You might feel forgotten about during discussions, or like you can’t rely on them for emotional support. Guess what: you can’t. These people are only concerned with themselves, and don’t give a hoot about you and your life. While they might be great to have at parties (egocentrics also tend to be outgoing and outspoken), they aren’t the best when it comes to one on one discussions.

7. Judgers

These people have nothing better to do than judge your choices. They, for whatever reason, are the authority on what’s hot and what’s not, and tend to water down the flames of passion when you’re excited about something. Judgers are only satisfied when you’re dissatisfied. Our advice? Don’t listen to the judgement. Love what you love, and keep shining your own light.

8. Braggers

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Arrogant all the way, these people have a false sense of confidence. They push their own successes and see any of yours as a personal challenge. People who are more arrogant also tend to be more pushy, and often cause problems in any sort of team environment. It might be difficult to get away from them, as you’ll likely run across them at work. Just stay calm, and know your own success. Satisfaction comes from within, something these people just don’t seem to get.

9. Out-of-Control-ers

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Most toxic people are toxic because they want to control you or your emotions in some way. These people, however, are the opposite. From the outside it looks like they have no control over their emotions, lashing out and then feeling bad after. It’s incredibly difficult to get rid of these people, as often you feel bad. They don’t have any control over their emotions, so why should they be punished for it? Let us tell you, the sooner you get rid of them the better. One day you’ll get really hurt, tired, or pissed off. Avoid the explosion and keep yourself away. In the long run everyone will be happier.

10. The Totally Toxic

It’s hard to believe these types exist, but they are out there. People who only enter into a friendship with you to get something from you, or people who get joy and satisfaction from hurting others. No doubt you’ll spot this person before they get too close, but if you don’t, run a mile away as soon as you figure it out. All they’ll do is hurt you, and you don’t deserve that.

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  1. Basically all my friends from school were gossipers and totally toxic. Even my crush turned out to be one.

  2. Why do they describe the psychopath as a he in almost every example. I’m guessing the person who created this video is a woman and doesn’t feel a woman can be a psychopath. I beg to differ. I know only one psychopath. She is a habitual liar.