Things you should take care of while shopping for Kurtis

Women of all ages and shapes adore Kurtis. This is owing to the comfort factor of Kurtis. Long Kurtis online shopping can prove to be beneficial for you as they help your body acquire a taller appearance. This blog brings you ways you should take care of while shopping for Kurtis:

  • Go for elongated patterns.

While long Kurtis online shopping, make sure to go for elongated prints. However, do not end up choosing the ones that give your body a bulky appearance. Paisley prints and long motifs will be an ideal choice. Also, the Kurtas that have vertical stripes and plackets on the front will help you look taller.

  • Team up Long Kurtis with flowy bottoms.

On occasions when you do A-line long kurtis online shopping, you can choose to team them up with flowy palazzo bottoms. Not only are they in vogue, but flatter every body shape. They elevate the style quotient of your outfit and divert attention from your height.

  • Avoid choosing Kurtis that extend beyond the mid-calf.

Avoid doing long kurtis online shopping, the hem of which is close to the ankle. This will make your entire outfit appear like a single unit. This can make you look short. Go for ones that end closer to the mid-calf region.

  • Wear heels with churidars and leggings.

If you are wearing churidars or leggings, it would be ideal to pair them with stilettos or long heels. Doing this can cause a huge difference to your overall frame. It will make you acquire a taller and thinner look. Sporting a straight-cut Kurta with this combination will give you a smart look.

  • Go for straight cut Kurtas for a slender look.

Straight cut Kurtas, linear prints are best to be sported at every occasion and gives you a slender look. Avoid choosing horizontal prints and solid colors while doing long Kurtis online shopping. Here is an online site to Find out discount and deal websites.

  • Go for V necks.

This is an established fact and almost all women will agree that V-necks help in making them look taller. Necklines that come too high on the neck gives that division of face and body a very weird look. Examples of such collars are Jewel and Mandarin necks. V – Necklines are slit downwards thus giving the body a taller appearance.

  • Team up your kurtis with a pleated or a gathered skirt.

Pleated skirts are very much in vogue. Teaming them up with long and flowy kurtis can make them perfect to be worn on private occasions. They elevate the beauty of your outfit too.

  • Team up your Kurtis with Dhoti Pants.

Dhoti pants can very well be correlated to salwars. When paired with Kurtis they can give the outfit a very chic look. These can also be teamed up with short tops and can be worn to colleges or casual outings.

  • Wear Long Kurtis as a dress.

Next time that you do long Kurtis online shopping, don’t sweat about shopping for bottoms. Long A-line Kurtis can be donned as dresses and look fab. You can customize them according to your preference. For example, you can have the sleeves of a Kurti cut or team them along with a cape. Get experimenting to look fab!

  • Kurtis as blouses.

Just in case you are in a mood of being bold and taking risks, you can sport your Kurtis under sarees to substitute blouses. Often donned by models at fashion events, this trend is very much in vogue. Not only do they look ravishing but also make a strong fashion statement.

  • Jacket up your Kurtis.  

The easiest way to style up your long Kurti is to team it up with a cropped jacket. So the next time you do long kurtis online shopping, remember to shop for a short jacket too. These could ideally be bought with ethnic prints on them.

  • Three-quarter pants are a thing!

As much as they are in vogue, they can make any Kurta look just fab. They are chic and comfortable at the same time.

Having said that, we have left you with enough things to take care of while shopping for a Kurti.

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