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  1. Fear of Rejection: Your biggest fear is losing the approval from others. This type of fear comes from personalizing what others do and say.
    It is somewhat accurate, I probably fear to be rejected. If I don’t make a good impression when I meet someone the failure can go deeper in me than it should be. But I don’t know how much do I fear it, my friends didn’t rejected me so… I can’t tell for sure.

    • Fear of rejection. Accurate. More so the description though. I really care what other people think. In fact it didn’t even occur to me to wonder what I wanted until my (new at the time) therapist asked me. My initial response to that question was bewilderment. Because I never even thought about it. All I was worried about was disapointing or upsetting those around me. It’s something I struggle with to this day. It’s difficult to feel like I’m worth something or that I have as much value as other human beings.

  2. I don’t think that I found the “choices” appropriate for my feelings, concerns or life focus at all. In the first question, NONE of these were appropriate. If you are using these to assess ME, just ask directly. I am not shy. I WILL TELL ALL and will answer as truthfully as I know the answers to be. Also add an “open-ended” option. I try not to offend others purposely whenever I can, but their rejection or acceptance has LITTLE meaning to me or my future whatsoever. I can tell you point blank EXACTLY what I am afraid of: missing my subtle God-nudges or misreading them or not delivering whatever message they contain without adding “self” to them.

    • I am curious. What do you mean by missing your subtle God-nudges? You fear that you feel like you need to do something important but you don’t know what is it that you need to do?

  3. yes absolutely! the fear of losing someone has been constantly grinding in my brain for a long time. though i am aware about it, i try not to think a lot because at the end of the day, after all playfulness and entertainment throughout the day all you need is someone waiting for u with a smile and ready to share their whole experience, a true mate is all we seek for. hats off btw, that was smthing accurate.

  4. Idk if one year is applicable. I think I have multiple major fears! I’ve always had severe anxiety. I deal with it the best I can, but my fear is too complex for one category to explain.

  5. Fear Of Intimacy
    You are scared of getting close to other people. This type of fear manifests itself by an unwillingness to let others get too close, as you are afraid that they discover the “real you.” You won’t find abiding love, of course, when you’re afraid of intimacy. You might unconsciously wear a social mask to hide your psyche from others, because that’s the best way to not allow another person to come close to you. When you pretend to be someone you are not, others cannot understand who you truly are, and you can’t understand them.

    Holy crap this is actually something I realized I have, but I haven’t really paid much attention to it since it isn’t really interfering with anything right now. It’s so accurate!😳

  6. The answer choices didn’t reflect my feelings. The first set of pictures didn’t make me sad, the answers for the flock of birds was incomplete, and now of those black-and-white photos made me feel anything.

  7. First the result of my NATIONAL CAREER ASSESSMENT EXAMINATION is UNDECIDED and now i have the FEAR OF UNKNOWN what the f*** can any give more desirable results!?

  8. Fear Of Intimacy
    That hit the spot for me, that’s very true and I’m working on overcoming my fear…. hard thing to change

  9. That makes me so sad that it got it right. I have seen a lot of personality tests but this is the first one to actually get it right. Fear of loss is not something to be taken lightly and it terrifies me to even think about it.

  10. Like some of the other participants, I didn’t feel the answer choices represented accurately what I felt. Some of the emotional response question didn’t really evoke an emotional response from me. With that being said, I felt the conclusion was fairly accurate. The mere acknowledgment of the test forced me to realize that I suffer to some degree from more than one of these fears. I feel that I suffer more greatly from fear of abandonment. It has been something that has shaped how I live my life for quite sometime. I am aware of my fears and try to manage and grow from them everyday. Thank you for the test. It was an interesting insight to take. I hope you fine tune it and I am able to take it again in the future.

  11. I don’t understand, I’ve done the quiz 3 times and there is nothing that comes up. I know my fear, but this is weird to me since I can’t ger an answer

  12. Fear of Unknown

    Well, I am not surprised by the results. Since, by choosing the options itself I could guess what was about to come. And moreover, I do fear which is abstract, as mentioned it manipulates me to transform into something which i am not, finally paying the price of a lifetime. I made choices because of something that has no form and at times I convince myself it is something which was the best decision ever madr by me therefore deluding myself into the abyss of Hoax. I gotta be more cautious with the thigs i take care, and if I dont there it would be some else who’s gonna be posting a comment

  13. I don’t agree with the result a 100%,the truth is not reflecting my fear.Too know this type of test you need many more questions.

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